Nov. 14, 2019

Guide on Updating "LE-110SA" and "LE-120SA" (Version 1.03)

LINEEYE Co., Ltd. has released a new firmware (V1.03) for the line monitors LE-110SA / LE-120SA with improved input editing function for transmission table by touch operation.
If you have been using the ex-version, please update it to the latest version.

[ Update Information ]

  1. Supports full key touch text input for sending table registration
    In addition to the conventional hexadecimal input, you can now enter text using the full key touch method.
    < The conventional hexadecimal input >
    < Text input display >
  2. The copy / paste, table copy, and buffer copy to send table editing functions are added.
    The editing function of the transmission table data equivalent to the higher model is now supported.
    < Table edit menu display >

    □ Copy / Paste: Copy, cut, and paste table data in the range selected by swipe operation
    □ Table copy: Select and copy a portfolio data such as the transmission data of another table number or FOX
    □ Buffer copy: Copy the specified range of measured monitor data to the transmission data table

    < Buffer copy control display >
  3. Added marker function for monitor data display
    You can attach a marker to the monitor data which you want to focus on and can immediately display it again although when the display is scrolled to another position. Up to 5 markers can be set.
    < Monitor display menu >
    < Marker selection example >
  4. In addition, remote processing is improved and minor bugs are fixed.

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[ How to update the latest firmware ]

The new firmware and LE8FIRM (firmware updater) can be downloaded from the LINEEYE website. For details on how to upgrade, see the text file in the LE8FIRM download folder.

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