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1st March, 2022

Guide on Updating "LE-3500XR" and "LE-2500XR" (Version 1.04)

LINEEYE Co., Ltd. will release a new firmware (V1.04) for the line monitors LE-3500XR/LE-2500XR on the 1st March. If you have been using the ex-version, please update it to the latest version.

Update information

  1. Increased supportable communication speed

    By optimizing the measurement and reception processing, the communication speed that can be set has been greatly increased.
      LE-3500XR: increased from 2.048Mbps to 3.150Mbps
      LE-2500XR: increased from 1.000 Mbps to 1.544 Mbps
    In the case of half-duplex communication such as RS-485 or in the case of a line where a large amount of data does not flow at the same time for transmission and reception, it is possible to perform measurement tests up to the above maximum speed.

  2. Speeds up the sampling clock of the logic analyzer function to a maximum of 50MHz

    The sampling clock of the timing waveform measurement function (logic analyzer function), which used to be up to 20MHz, has been increased to a maximum of 50MHz. With this, you can analyze waveforms in detail with a slight time difference in high-speed communication.

  3. Other improvements and minor bugs fixes

    • Fixed a bug that the logic analyzer trigger setting for the CTS signal does not work when TTL is selected.
    • Fixed a bug that the RT LED may light up when RS-422/485 is selected.
    • Fixed a bug that the address filter setting 80h to FFh does not work when HDLC is set.
    • Fixed a bug that CLK of twice the communication speed which set at configuration is output during SPI simulation.
    • Fixed to be able to specify the start/stop condition for the trigger character at I2C.
    • Fixed a minor bug of the I2C master simulation.
    • Fixed a bug that the setting of Frame end time does not work at Burst.
    • Fixed a minor bug in the autorun function.
    • Fixed a minor bug in the English display.

Version History

How to update to the latest firmware

The new firmware set can be downloaded free of charge from the LINEEYE website.
You can also download the firmware-transfer/update software LE8FIRM, which is required to upgrade the firmware, from the LINEEYE website. For the details of how to upgrade, see the text file in the LE8FIRM download folder.


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