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27th May, 2024

Guide on Updating "LE-8500X / LE-8600X series" (Version 1.10)

LINEEYE Co., Ltd. released a new firmware (V1.10) for the line monitors LE-8500X/LE-8600X series on the 24th May. If you have been using the ex-version, please update it to the latest version.

Update information

  1. Added cable diagnostic function (LE-8500X/LE-8500X-SE/SB-GE2/SB-T1E)

    Cable length can be measured using the TDR method. You can also check for cable breaks and short circuits at the same time. LE-8500X/SB-GE2 can also detect broken pairs of LAN cables. Additionally, since the NVP value can be adjusted, measurements can be made to suit the characteristics of the cable.

    LE-8500X / SB-GE2

    LE-8500X-SE / SB-T1E

  2. Added link information function (LE-8500X/SB-GE2)

    Link information function has been added to LE-8500X and SB-GE2. You can check the link information of devices connected to each port from A to D. This is useful for investigating the cause of problems such as auto-negotiation failures.

  3. Added signal quality display function (LE-8500X-SE/SB-T1E)

    Signal quality display has been added to LE-8500X-SE and SB-T1E. While linking with 100BASE-T1 or 10BASE-T1L, the current signal quality status is displayed on the state LED display.

    example. Port A: Good, Port B: Poor

  4. Other improvements and minor bug and bug fixes

    • Fixed a bug in retransmission processing in PG mode during half-duplex communication (LE-8500X/SB-GE2)
    • Fixed a bug where measurement may fail to start immediately after startup (LE-8500X/SB-GE2)

Version History

How to update to the latest firmware

The new firmware set can be downloaded free of charge from the LINEEYE website.
For information on how to update the firmware, please check the instruction manual of the analyzer.


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