USB protocol analyzer


●Records measurement log up to 10GB on HDD/SSD of PC
●Log search and detailed translation display are available without stopping measurement
●Real-time display of the bus power consumption of the target device
●Statistical information such as the number of bytes transferred and the average transfer rate
●Trigger and filter functions for efficient measurement
●Radiation noise reduction and palm size body by aluminum housing

Product lines: Advance model, LE-650H2-A

LE-650H2 is the hardware-based USB analyzer, which can record a large amount of data on the HDD/SSD of the PC, display translation with each class decode, and measure VBUS power consumption. The analyzer automatically detects the High/Full/Low speed of USB2.0/1.1 and starts measuring by simply pressing the space bar of the PC. The low cost device of easy operation by connecting it to the USB port of the PC is useful for developing/debugging the firmware/driver and study purpose of USB standard.

Easy operation USB analyzer with auto tracking of the USB Speed

Without affecting the communication carrying data between the analyzer and target device, the LE-650H2 series USB analyzer internally records large amounts of data and simultaneously transfer it to a connected PC via USB. The analyzer automatically detects the speed of the target devices (480/12/1.5 Mbps), so a speed setting is unnecessary. If the device is connected through a hub of differing speed, measurement can be started by simply pressing the space bar of the PC.

*: If the USB host used for measurement is a PC supporting the operating conditions of the analyzer, the PC can be used for analysis purposes as well.

Smaller and Lighter

LE-650H2 has almost the same functions as the conventional model of the PC connectable USB analyzer LE-620HS has, but it is smaller and lighter by employing an aluminum case and 8-layer PCB.


  1. Connect to the analysis PC
  2. Power On (green)/Measuring (red)
  3. VBUS voltage is more than 4.5V (green)
  4. Transmitting (green)/Suspend (orange)
  5. High-speed (red)/Full-speed (green)/Low-speed (off)
  6. External trigger I/O connector.
  7. Connect to target USB devices

Continuous Recording up to 10GB on HDD or SSD

The data measured by the USB analyzer is continuously transferred to the PC and recorded as log files with a maximum of 2GB (Can be specify every 1MB) on the HDD or SSD of the PC. Furthermore, it is possible to form a ring buffer to record maximum of 5 log files continuously by using repetitive recording mode. The measurement log data can be displayed and scrolled during measurement, which is effective for an extended analysis of rare communications failures.

Advance model, LE-650H2-A has bigger capacity

  LE-650H2 LE-650H2-A
Maximum recording capacity 10GB 40GB
VBUS logger mode Low-speed High-speed

Clearly Detailed Monitor Display

USB packets are clearly displayed by transaction. The device can identify PING and the split transaction at high-speed. Standard descriptors/device requests, descriptors of Communication/Printer class, and peculiar device requests of HUB/HID/Audio/Communication/Mass storage class are translated and displayed in detail, therefore the difficult-to-understand USB protocols can be intuitively understood.

  1. Multiple packets are grouped as a translation and displayed on a single line.
  2. Only the first 8 bytes of data packets are displayed. Clicking the [+] mark displays all data.
  3. Displays the speed of each transaction.
  4. The USB bus state (Bus Reset, Suspend, Disconnect, Chirp) is recorded and displayed with communication data.
  5. The target transaction can be marked with 1 to 99, and can jump to the marked positions.
  6. Displays the SOF (Start of Frame) frame number. At high-speed, micro frames are displayed as (1/8) to (8/8). At low-speed, nothing is displayed in this column because no SOF packets are generated.
  7. Records and displays the time stamp at a resolution of 16.7ns.
  8. Visibility of continuous NAK packets is improved by displaying only those times.
  9. Displays the details of each transaction and frame.
  10. Token Packet Packet type, packet name, PID, address/end point, CRC5, packet start/end time
    Data Packet Packet type, packet name, PID, payload, CRC16, packet start/end time
    Frame Frame period, packet start/end time
  11. Clicking the [>>] mark displays a detailed translation window of the device request. Descriptors are displayed as a tree view to show their hierarchical structure.
  12. When a device request item is selected for transaction, the corresponding data in the data packet is highlighted.
  13. Displays VBUS power consumption, voltage and current at real time.
  14. Adds VBUS value on the logs of USB packets when measuring VBUS.(ver1.3.0.0. or above)
■ Extensive translate function

Device requests, descriptors, and commands of various USB classes are translated into easy-to-understand form. It can translate into HCI (Host Control Interface) packets on the Bluetooth dongle, and enable to initialize the Bluetooth dongle and to analyze communication between host and dongle of Bluetooth device. It offers efficient analysis of protocol level.

[ Target device request ]

Standard request, HUB/HID/Audio/Communication/MassStorage (Bulk Only Transport)/ Printer/ USBTMC / Video / Wire less controller (only HCI protocol on Bluetooth dongle)

[ Target device descriptor ]

Standard descriptor, Descriptor of each class in HUB/ HID/ Audio/ Printer/ USBTMC/ Communication/ Video, Command of MassStorage/Bulk Only Transport(Supports SCSI transparent command set,SFF-8070i), Operations of MTP/PTP, Responses, events, Command and Event of HCI protocol on Bluetooth dongle*1, Specifies class and displays details.

*1: Supports from Ver1.3.0.0 or above.

■ Device Request Window

  1. Button for opening and closing the tree.
  2. Button for copying the contents of the Device Request/Descriptor to the clip board.
  3. Button for displaying the previous/next Device Request.
  4. Button for pinning the Device Request on the screen.
  5. Button for adjusting the depth of the color.

High-precision Time Stamps

The built-in hardware timer of the analyzer records the time stamps at the packet start and end at a resolution of 16.7 ns based on the log start point as a reference point*1. The time stamps are displayed in the elapse time column and packet position bar. If the cursor points the packet, the time stamps are displayed on the tool tip window as well.

*1: The time stamp count is reset to zero approx. 5 hours after the start of the log, and continuously recording the time stamp.

Real-time Filter

The real-time filter reduces the quantity of log file data and improves the efficiency of analysis. It is possible to specify not to capture continuous NAK response transaction such as IN-NAK and OUT-NAK. And can specify particular addresses and end points under AND condition in order to record only transactions which meet the condition, or to eliminate them from the targets of recording.

Powerful Sequential Trigger

Trigger condition by a certain transmission data or an external signal condition Up to 16 actions can be set which will be executed when the trigger condition is established.
With these triggers you can control logging by synchronizing with external signal or cooperate with another measurement equipment by switching the external trigger signal to ON when a specify data is detected. It will help your analysis.

[ Packet trigger setting example ]

[ Error trigger setting example ]

[ Bus state trigger example ]

[ External trigger setting example ]

[ VBUS trigger setting example (supported by Ver1.3.1.0 or later) ]

[ 5-wire probe cable for external trigger terminal (LE-5LP2) (optional) ]

Perfect Offline Analysis Features

Data can be easily found among the huge volume of recorded data by using the filter function. It incorporates a advanced search function, such as searching for a standard request, class-divided request and class command.

Development efficiency is boosted to a higher level by using color-coded customization features for packet types and mark/jump features.

Detailed translation is possible by specifying the class for the data without emulation information.

[ Filter Condition Setting screen ]

[ Search address/end point combination condition example ]

[ Search Condition (searching for standard/class-devided request and class command) ]


[ Search Result ]

Highlight matched data with search condition.

[ Quick search display example ]

When you select a transaction in the log data, arrows will appear at upper and lower side of the transaction. You can search transactions which have the same composition (token packet, address, or endpoint) of the transaction by clicking the arrow.

Statistical Information Totaling Feature

It is possible to total and check the number of transactions, the number of transfer bytes, and the average transfer rate in the measurement log. The totaling range can be specified with the mouse or the mark feature. The results of totaling can be pasted to the table calculation software through the clipboard.

■ Target Area

Entire transactions/packets
Totals all the measured data.
Displays this choice only when transactions are selected.
Mark * - *
Displays [Mark * - *] only when transactions are marked.
■ Displaying/Hiding the Packets

By selecting the necessary range and copying it to the clipboard with the Ctrl and C keys, you can paste it to another application such as Excel.
You can change the order in increasing number of decreasing number by clicking the very first line.

■ Copying data to the spreadsheet application.

By selecting the necessary range and copying it to the clipboard with the Ctrl and C keys, you can paste it to another application such as Excel.
You can change the order in increasing number of decreasing number by clicking the very first line.

< Copy data to the spreadsheet via clipboard >

Practical Use of Measurement Data

Users can copy, paste, and save selected ranges of measured data as compact text files. The files can be attached to reports or e-mailed to experts for professional analysis. It is possible to save data part of data packets in binary format.

[ example of a text file saved ]

 [ BUS RESET ] (1.9msec)
SOF=6FA(1/8)-6FB(8/8)                                                                6684021566ns
             I N    1/  1                                                    ACK     6685897100ns
SOF=6FC(1/8)-6FC(2/8)                                                                6686021516ns
            SETUP   1/  0     DATA0 A3 00 00 00 04 00 04 00 (8Bytes)                 6686229416ns
  |DEVICE REQUEST               |                       |
  | Direction of Device Requests|Device->Host           |
  | Request Type                |Class-specific Requests|
  | Receiver                    |Other                  |
  | Request code                |00h                    |
  | wValue                      |0000h                  |
  | wIndex                      |0004h                  |
  | Length of data transfer     |4                      |
  | Parameters                  |                       |
             I N    1/  0                                                    ACK     6686233300ns
             OUT    1/  0     DATA1                         (0Bytes)                 6686236383ns
SOF=6FC(3/8)-6FC(4/8)                                                                6686271500ns
            SETUP   1/  0     DATA0 23 01 14 00 04 00 00 00 (8Bytes)                 6686434400ns
  |DEVICE REQUEST               |                       |
  | Direction of Device Requests|Host->Device           |
  | Request Type                |Class-specific Requests|
  | Receiver                    |Other                  |
  | Request code                |01h                    |
  | wValue                      |0014h                  |
  | wIndex                      |0004h                  |
  | Length of data transfer     |0                      |
  | Parameters                  |                       |
             I N    1/  0                                                    ACK     6686438283ns
SOF=6FC(5/8)-6FC(6/8)                                                                6686521500ns
            SETUP   1/  0     DATA0 A3 00 00 00 04 00 04 00 (8Bytes)                 6686757966ns
  |DEVICE REQUEST               |                       |
  | Direction of Device Requests|Device->Host           |
  | Request Type                |Class-specific Requests|
  | Receiver                    |Other                  |
  | Request code                |00h                    |
  | wValue                      |0000h                  |
  | wIndex                      |0004h                  |
  | Length of data transfer     |4                      |
  | Parameters                  |                       |
             I N    1/  0                                                    ACK     6686761833ns
             OUT    1/  0     DATA1                         (0Bytes)                 6686764900ns
SOF=6FC(7/8)-6FF(8/8)                                                                6686771500ns
             I N    1/  1                                                            6689897000ns
SOF=700(1/8)-703(8/8)                                                                6690021416ns
             I N    1/  1                                                            6693896900ns
SOF=704(1/8)-707(8/8)                                                                6694021316ns
             I N    1/  1                                                            6697896800ns
SOF=708(1/8)-70B(8/8)                                                                6698021216ns
             I N    1/  1                                                            6701896700ns
SOF=70C(1/8)-70D(7/8)                                                                6702021116ns
            SETUP   0/  0     DATA0 80 06 00 01 00 00 40 00 (8Bytes)         ACK     6703891800ns
  |DEVICE REQUEST                                      |                            |
  | Direction of Device Requests                       |Device->Host                |
  | Request Type                                       |Standard request            |
  | Receiver                                           |Device                      |
  | Request code                                       |GET_DESCRIPTOR(6)           |
  | Index of String Descriptor                         |0                           |
  | Descriptor Type                                    |Device Descriptor           |
  | Languages                                          |(Undefined)(0000h)          |
  | Length of data transfer                            |64                          |
  | Device Descriptor                                  |                            |
  |  Length(Bytes)                                     |18                          |
  |  Descriptor Type                                   |Device Descriptor(1)        |
  |  USB Spec. No.                                     |2.10                        |
  |  Device Class code                                 |(defined in interfaces)(00h)|
  |  Device Subclass code                              |(undefined)(00h)            |
  |  Device Protocol code                              |(undefined)(00h)            |
  |  Max. Packet size for EP0                          |64                          |
  |  Vendor ID                                         |1041 / 0411h(BUFFALO INC.)  |
  |  Product ID                                        |498(01F2h)                  |
  |  Device release number                             |0A00                        |
  |  Index of String Descriptor describing manufacturer|1                           |
  |  Index of String Descriptor describing product     |2                           |
  |  Index of String Descriptor describing serial No.  |3                           |
  |  Number of Configurations                          |1                           |
SOF=70D(8/8)                                                                         6703896066ns
             I N    0/  0                                                    NAK     6703896650ns
                                                                             x 8
             I N    0/  0     DATA1 12 01 10 02 00 00 00 40 (18Bytes)        ACK     6703917966ns [ .......@ ]
                                    11 04 F2 01 00 0A 01 02                                       [ ........ ]
                                    03 01                                                         [ .. ]
             OUT    0/  0     DATA1                         (0Bytes)         ACK     6703921616ns
SOF=70E(1/8)-70E(2/8)                                                                6704021066ns
            SETUP   1/  0     DATA0 23 03 04 00 04 00 00 00 (8Bytes)                 6704176850ns
  |DEVICE REQUEST               |                       |
  | Direction of Device Requests|Host->Device           |
  | Request Type                |Class-specific Requests|
  | Receiver                    |Other                  |
  | Request code                |03h                    |
  | wValue                      |0004h                  |
  | wIndex                      |0004h                  |
  | Length of data transfer     |0                      |
  | Parameters                  |                       |
 [ BUS RESET ] (5.9msec)
SOF=719(4/8)-71B(8/8)                                                                6715395783ns
             I N    1/  1                                                                                            5922268333ns

Data Conversion function for data measured by OP-SB84. (Ver1.2.0.0. and above)

The log file (file extension: .DT) measured by OP-SB84 (An expansion board for LE-8200A/LE-8200) can be transferred into the LE-650H2 software for further analysis. Also, it can be saved as the log file of LE-650H2 (file extension: .usr).

* Log file which includes VBUS data measured by OP-SB84 cannot be transferred in to the LE-650H2 software.

Screen of OP-SB84

Screen of LE-650H2 captured log file of OP-SB84

VBUS Measurement Function

The analyzer monitors USB transferring and displays VBUS data (Voltage, Current, Power consumption) in real time. An onerous probing is not necessary.

[ Real time display of VBUS measurement ]

VBUS logger mode(supported for v1.1.0.0 and above)

VBus measurement mode can have the VBus measurement for a long time. It can record data in the PC at the specified cycle. Detailed analysis is possible by displaying in graphs and saving as CSV file. Specify VBus sampling rate and input measurement time.

Sampling rate (LE-650H2): 100ms, 200ms, 500ms, 1s

When starting the measurement, result of VBus measurement will be displayed/recorded in graph and in dump display at time series. It will stop measuring when it reaches to the measurement time. Also, it is possible to stop the measurement manually.

  1. It displays Vbus voltage, current, and power consumption in graph at real time.
  2. It displays Vbus voltage, current, and power consumption in dump display at real time.
    *   Maximum 400,000,000 samplings (2GB) can be recorded from the beginning of measure.
  3. It is possible to select displaying or non-displaying voltage, current and power consumption in graph.
  4. It is possible to widen or shorten the horizontal axis of the graph.
  5. It is possible to select the vertical axis of the graph (voltage and current only) from 6 levels.

After the measurement, it is possible to save the log file and output in CSV format.

*   You cannot select the range of CSV outputting.

Low Power Consumption, RoHS Compliant Product

The reduction of power consumption on the measurement circuit makes it possible to run by USB bus power, Furthermore, it becomes a RoHS compliant product at low cost by reconsidering the product parts.

Support International Use

The PC software supporting both Japanese and English Windows are included. It can be downloaded from LINEEYE website and used as a viewer software. For example, the log data measured abroad can be seen in Japan for engineers to analyze.

Upgrade to Advance Model / Update the Firmware

If you would like to upgrade your LE-650H2 to the advance model, LE-650H2-A, it is possible with an upgrading fee. Also, the updated PC software which improves/adds some functions will be available from LINEEYE website for free for 12 months from your purchased date. After that, "U2 Updating License" is necessary to update the software without limitation.

How to upgrade

Please purchase following item to upgrade LE-650H2 to LE-650H2-A

Name H2-A Upgrade
Model number LE-H2-A001

To purchase above item, the serial number of the LE-650H2 and the e-mail address are required.
This item will be sent by e-mail. We will inform a
download link address for the files to upgrade the product.

For the pricing of "H2-A Upgrade", please contact a distributor in your region.
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