CAN/LIN Expansion Kit
(For LE-3500R/LE-2500R)


Specifications of OP-SB7GX
Applicable Analyzer LE-3500R/LE-2500R/LE-3500/LE-2500
Interface CAN: Conforms to ISO11898/ISO11519-2 *1(DSUB 9-pin connector x 2)
LIN: Conforms to ISO9141 (header 3-pin connector x 2)
Transceiver CAN: Equivalent to TJA1050/1054
LIN: Equivalent to TJA1020
No. of measurement channels 2 channels in total with CAN, LIN or CAN / LIN in combination
Protocol CAN2.OB, device Net, LIN (Rev. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 2.0)
Baud rate (bps) CAN: 1 Mbps max.
LIN: 20 Kbps max.
Arbitrary baud rate settings possible
Monitor function ID filter possible and time stamp (1ms min.) recordable
CAN: Standard/Expantion format supported and possible to make bit timing settings
LIN: Frame braking possible according to the data length of each ID or specified idle time
Trigger function Conditions: Specified communications data string (8 characters max.), specified remote frame(CAN), frame error(LIN), timer and counter coincidence, and external signal logic
Operation: Measurement stop, saving in a memory card, timer control, specified data transmission, buzzer, and validation of trigger conditions
Simulation function Pre-registered data is selected by key operation and transmitted (sweep transmission available) and Master and slave simulation (LIN only).
External signal input Real-time display of 4-channel external state with LED possible.
Signal logic recordable in synchronization with data continuous measurement of voltage possible. (Measurement range:±15V)
Composition Dedicated expansion board, DB9 monitor cable x 2, 3-wire probe cable x 2,
and 8-wire probe cable