OP-SB87/OP-SB7GX Pin Assignment

Dsub9pin connector
Pin Number Singnal Name Meaning
1 -
2 CAN_Low Bus signal of CAN (low)
3 SG Signal ground
4 -
5 FG Frame ground
6 -
7 CAN_High Bus signal of CAN (high)
8 -
9 IN General-purpose input*
*: When this pin is used as the external power pin, the power supply condition of analyzer can be checked through it`s line state LEDs.


Header 3 pin connector

When using 3-line probe cable (attached accessory)

Probe Cable Singnal Name Meaning
Lead wire of red Vbat DC9-18V input
Lead wire of blue
LIN_Bus Bus signal of LIN
Lead wire of black SG Signal ground
Header 8 pin connector

When using 8-line probe cable (attached accessory)

External I/O cable Singnal Name Meaning
Lead wire of black
GND Signal ground
Lead wire of brown TRG IN External trigger input
Lead wire of red TRG OUT External trigger output
Lead wire of orange IN1 General-purpose input1
Lead wire of orange IN2 General-purpose input2
Lead wire of orange IN3 General-purpose input3
Lead wire of orange IN4 General-purpose input4
Lead wire of black GND Signal ground


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