Expansion kit for Gbit Ethernet LAN
(For LE-8600X/LE-8500X series)



This is an expansion measurement unit for simultaneously measuring and testing two lines of Ethernet communication data of 10BASE-T to 1000BASE-T and the power supply status of PoE (Power over Ethernet). By setting it to an applicable model, it can be used as a PoE-compatible LAN analyzer with the same functions as the LE-8500X(R).

Simultaneous measurement of the packets on two Ethernet channels and one PoE

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This model has 4 ethernet ports that support GbE measurement ability. It can simultaneously measure the packet flowing on two Ethernet channels - between ports A and B and between ports C and D. In addition, PoE power measurement between ports A and B is also supported and Ethernet packets and PoE power can be measured at the same time. Thus it is useful for the cases such as the checking of how the PoE for the PoE devices (PD) such as WEB cameras changes by a control-command packet transmission occurs.

[ Measurement data screen ]

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There is also a delay time measurement function that can measure the reception time difference of the sent/received packets of each port, and a statistical analysis function that can check the tendency of communication traffic for each time zone.

You can measure the transfer rate of the target line for each time period. (Ver1.03 or later)

[ Measurement data screen ]

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Outputs test packets at wire-rate from 2 channels at the same time

By using the packet generation function, you can output Ethernet packets of arbitrary test data from port C/D or from both ports at the same time. Test data can be set to 16 transmission data tables, and the transfer rate can be adjusted by specifying the IFG (transmission frame gap) for each table. It can be used for network load testing.

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PoE / PoE + / PoE ++ judgment and long-time power recording

This model has the PoE measurement function which supports the measurement of PoE / PoE + (IEEE802.3af/at) and new standard PoE ++ (IEEE802.3bt) for high power supply. In addition to continuously recording the power consumption, voltage, and current between the PSE power supply device and PD power receiving device for a long time, it can judge real-time PoE appropriateness such as power supply type (Alternative A / B, polarity) and display upper and lower limit voltage, a graph, dump screen.

*    It cannot be used when a current exceeding 720mA flows continuously on PoE++(IEEE802.3bt).

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[ PoE judgement display ]
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■ Directly saves PoE measurement data in CSV

You can save PoE measurement data in a measurement data file (extension DT), and also can export it to a CSV file that can be used with spreadsheet software and save it directly to external storage.

*    Update firmware Version 1.05 or later

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Cable Diagnostic Function

You can measure the length and condition of a LAN cable using the TDR method. Detects and displays disconnections, short circuits, and broken pairs in the LAN cable, allowing you to check the location of the failure. Since the NVP value can be adjusted, measurements can be made to suit the characteristics of the cable.
* Update firmware Version 1.10 or later

Timestamp which can be time-synchronized by GNSS (PPS) signal

In the case of a time stamp of a crystal oscillator with ±20ppm accuracy in general, there may have a time rag up to 1.7 seconds a day. By using the GNSS/GPS time synchronization function, accurate time stamps corrected in seconds can be added to the monitor data. Thus even when you monitor by using two analyzers two different points simultaneously where communication failures rarely occur while a long period of time, you can compare and verify the measurement data of two units based on the time stamp.

[ GPS antenna connection image ]
GPS antenna connection image

In addition, as the PPS signal for time synchronization can be output from the unit to which the GPS antenna is connected, by connecting it to the second analyzer with the SMA coaxial cable (sold separately), you can simultaneously measure by the two units with synchronized time stamps.

[ Simultaneous measurement by using PPS signal ]
Simultaneous measurement by using PPS signal

Automatically record communication logs to large-capacity external storage via USB3.0

[ USB storage connection image ]
USB storage connection image

While recording the measurement data in the capture memory, this unit can automatically save them as a communication log file of the specified size continuously for a long time into external storage such as USB memory or SSD (up to 2TB). The auto-saved communication log file (# nnnnnnn.DT: n is a serial number in the order of saving) can be divided into multiple files of the specified size and saved, so from the time stamp of the file in the time zone when the communication failure occurred you can narrow down the communication logs of it by checking the their time stamp.

Autosave function

Communication log files can be imported to a PC while measurement.

Using "LE File Downloader lefiledownload (V1.04 or later)", you can import the communication log files saved in the storage device with the auto save function to your PC via LAN or Wi-Fi. Execute the auto-save on the analyzer set at the site, import the communication log file with the time stamp around the time when the communication failure occurred into the PC, convert it to Pcap/Pcapng format with "lepcapcvt", and then you can analyze it with Wireshark, etc.

* Update firmware Version 1.04 or later

Remote control from PC via LAN, USB or Wi-Fi connection

While checking the screen image of the analyzer main unit on the PC, the analyzer can be operated remotely using the PC's keyboard and mouse. Gbit LAN and USB 3.0 high-speed links offer smooth operation, and the model with Wi-Fi "LE-8500XR" can be connected to a computer without a cable for remote control.

Key emulation image

Measurement data can be saved as a PcapNG file that can be analyzed with Wireshark

The analyzer is equipped with a file management function that can save, read, and delete measurement data, setting data, and screenshots into external storage such as USB memory and SDHC card. You can also save it directly as a PcapNG file that can be read by LAN protocol analysis software Wireshark.

File manager image

■ PC software for Pcap/Pcapng conversion and measurement data import is available

By using the data file conversion software "lepcapcvt" (for conversion to Pcap/Pcapng format that can be read by Wireshark), you can convert the measurement data saved in USB memory etc. to Pcap/Pcapng format on your computer. With this software, you can also operate [RUN] (start measurement) and [STOP] (end measurement) of the analyzer linked via LAN (etc.), import the measurement data of the analyzer to the PC via LAN (etc.), and save it as a measurement file.

Pcap converter image

Text conversion and printout of measurement data

A specified range of measurement data can be converted to a text file and saved to a storage device by the analyzer without using the PC link software. By connecting a dedicated printer, continuous printing of a specified range of measurement data and hardcopy printing of screen display images are available.

* Update firmware Version 1.06 or later
* As the dedicated printer is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you may not be able to use it due to radio regulations in the country where you use it. Please get in touch with us for more information.

[ Hard copy printing usage image ]