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Please inform me the pin assignment for RS-422/485 port.
What is the framing error?
Is the monitored data of saved when turning off the power?
Is it possible to save the data on the memory card, and capture that data to the PC?
Is it possible to output the transmission data monitored on analyzer by simulation mode?
Communications of target device is unusual after starting the measurement.
By using LE-series, is it possible to measure operating time of the communication time between A unit and B unit in resolution of 0.1 second for the operating time measurement between RS-232C protocol?
After transmitting SD:'A' by analyzer, is it possible to display the time until RD:'B' is received?
Is it possible to measure the throughput for a device by using LE-series?
What kind of method to calculate horizontal parity check is possible?
Is it possible to specify the data for CRC calculation?
I would like to save the data before and behind the trigger when the trigger factor is generated repeatedly. How can I do that?
How much is the error range of the baud rate?
Is the character synchronous (1616H) mode of NRZI possible on LE-series?
Is the block check code (such as CRC) of transmission data generated automatically when LE-series is in simulation?
When monitoring data of LE-series, monochrome reversing "B" is output on the LED. What does it mean? Also, when does it happen?
What is "Break"?
What does Break signal mean?
What does "BERT function based on ITU-T G.821 advice" mean?
What is the pin connection like when monitoring RS-485 by using LE-series?
Is it possible to monitor (or distinguish in some methods) whether it is in which state of "mark" or "flag data" on the lines when monitoring HDLC communications by using LE-series?
What is IDLE MOD on the settings when monitoring HDLC communication of RS-485 by using LE-series?
As for the idle time displaying function for LE-series, what is the state of non-communications? Also, if the setting is 1msec, is the idle time of 0.99msec displayed?
Is it possible to record RS232C control lines (RTS, CTS, DTR etc.) by using LE-series?
What kind of setting is the item of APPEND of AUTO SAVE setting on LE-series?
I would like to perform the trigger to the error (for example, abort) on LE-series, and externally output the raw signal of that time. (I would like to monitor the waveform at the time of the error by external oscilloscope.)
There are the times when the length of the stop bit of communication data of which I would like to perform the monitor display is 1BIT and 2BIT.(They are not intermingled at the same time.) At this time, can I set the length of STOP BIT?
Is it possible to switch the monitor display between LSB and MSB?
There is a feature that can arbitrary set the baud rate to 4 effective digits.As long as the number is 4 digits, any kinds of values are accepted? Example: Is it possible to monitor 10.42kbps?
When the data of LE-series is saved on an external memory card, what kind of file format is it?
Is it possible to set CRC (generating polynomial: X^16+X^12+X^5+1) of CITT as the setting item of FCS on LE-series?
I would like to monitor the error waveform by using the logic analyzer function and the trigger function of LE-series.
I would like to log the data of 1GB by using a 1GB CF card. How should I set?
Half-duplex transmission of RS-485 is performed on LE-series. Even if it is possible to transmit, it is not possible to receive.
Please teach me how to translate the data when the measured data of I2C bus is printed or converted into text format on the PC by using LE-series.
Is it possible to set the existence of terminator on LE-series?
Please advice me about the control timing of RS-485 driver for rs-485 half-duplex connection when LE-series is in the simulation.
[OP-SB6F][OP-SB6G][OP-SB85IR] Can I use OP-SB6F/OP-SB6G/OP-SB85IR to monitor date from an infrared wireless remote controller?
Does LE-25M1 have 9pin or 25pin?
Can I use any memory cards to LE-series?
[LE-PC300G][LE-PC800G] When I use The PC link software, I have an error (code=0x80070020) on communications. I cannot use the product at all.
[LE-PC300G][LE-PC800G] Do LE-PC100, LE-PC300, LE-PC300F, LE-PC300G and LE-PC800G work on the Windows XP?
[LE-PC300G][LE-PC800G] What are the monitoring conditions of continuous recording, using The PC link software.
[LE-PC300G][LE-PC800G] Can I use the Trigger Function of the analyzer when recording by The PC link software?
[LE-PC300G][LE-PC800G] What kind of PC do I need to use for operating The PC link software?
[LE-PC300G][LE-PC800G] Where can I look at the data after converting texts by The PC link software?
[LE-PC300G][LE-PC800G] When recording into PC by The PC link software, is there anything I should be careful?
What are the options known for LE-series?
I know that RS422 port of LE-series is Dsub25 pin. Can I change it to Dsub9 pin? Do I need to have LE-259M1 to change it to Dsub9 pin or something else?
[LE-PC300G][LE-PC800G] Can I automatically record data(communication speed: 60K- 115Kbps) into PC by LE-series and PC link software when I monitor Asynchronous data?
What does the utility CD contain?
Is LE-259M1(monitor cable for DSUB9-pin) straight type or cross type?
[LE-PC300G][LE-PC800G] The PC link software occasionally shows an error message "The connection was cut because communication had become impossible". What kind of interruption does it suggest? How to prevent the occurrence of this error.
[LE-PC300G][LE-PC800G] When I use the PC link software, the white word "LD" on a red background is displayed at the result of monitoring. What does it mean?