FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

What are the options known for LE-series?
  1. LE-259M1 : Branch cable for Dsub9 pin
    Branch cable used when you monitor products that have Dsub9 pins.
  2. PC Link software
    (for LE-8200A/LE-8200 : LE-PC800G / 
    for LE-3500/LE-2500/LE-1500/LE-7200/LE-3200/LE-2200/LE-1200 : LE-PC300G )
    Software to display measure data on the PC screen in real time.
  3. Memory card
    It can automatically save the measure data in external memory by AutoSave function. (LE-2500, LE-3500 and LE-8200A/LE-8200 are made to meet PCMCIA standard. Thus any external memorys may work with the analyzers. However, it is possible that some external memorys may not work with the analyzers. We have tested our External memory and it works with our analyzers.
  4. LE-530TB and LE-25TB
    Terminal blocks for connection the analyzer in the RS-485 line.
  5. TTL, I2C expansion kit

    for LE-8200A/LE-8200 : OP-SB85L
    for LE-3500/LE-2500 : OP-SB5GL
    for LE-7200/LE-3200/LE-2200 : OP-SB5F