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Does a PC for analysis of LE-620HS have to be able to support USB2.0? Is it possible to operate LE-620HS on a PC that supports USB1.1?
I understand that LE-620HS can record continuously up to 20GB. Does it mean that the measurement will be stopped automatically after recording of 20GB?
How many transactions can be checked during 1ms (1 frame) by using LE-600S?
Is it possible to measure by connecting LE-600S to a port replicator (via USB) of a laptop PC?
I would like to share the logs that are output from an USB analyzer. Is it possible to get a viewer for free?
The device request (SEND_ENCAPSULATEDCOMMAND, GET_ENCAPSULATED_RESPONSE etc.) of the communication class cannot be recognized by LE-620HS. As for HID, I confirmed it can be recognized. Are there any problems in the usage?
There is a part that displays neither ACK, NAK nor STALL in the handshake packet display area. What kind of state is this?
Is it possible to check the exact time of the transmission rate by using LE-600S?
I cannot capture the logs by using LE-620HS.
When OVR LED on LE-600S lights, "UKNOWN DATA" and CRC error are displayed at the same time in most cases. Is CRC error of this time actually generated?
When connecting LE-600S to a High-speed device, "UNKNOWN DATA" is displayed, and I cannot measure.
The USB protocol analyzer has worked properly, but suddenly "Start" button of analysis software is changed to be a gray color, and it cannot measure data.