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Which model should I take to monitor the LAN (Ethernet) communication?
Does the TAP mode affect the quality of the measurement target line?
Is it possible to have any capture loss in the LE-580FX Window?
When I connect LE-580FX to a device of fixed media type, it cannot measure data.
How to use LE-580FX device with Wireshark?
Can I collect the data, which Ethernet communications are bridged in the PLC or the touch panel?
LAN Packet Tester LE-580FX supports up to 100Mbps transfer rate. Will it support Gigabit Ethernet in the future?
In the TAP mode, how can I configure "10M Full Duplex" or "100M Full Duplex" manually?
Is it possible to check the captured data on another PC?
Is the real-time display of measurement data available?
What is the advantage of using Wireshark other than LE-580FX software?
Would like to know the accurate timing of receiving/transmitting of the LAN packets.
I installed WinPcap (other than v4.1.1) on the PC, then installed the LE-580FX Window. After that, the operation of LE-580FX became unstable.
I have installed a wrong driver of Windows Vista/2000/XP. I cannot start the application.
There is not any "LE-580FX" in the Device Manager of Windows 7.