Feb. 26, 2013

Conversion Software (lepcapcvt V1.10) to Pcap Format (For OP-SB89)

LINEEYE CO., LTD has released the latest conversion software (lepcapcvt) which is for using the data measured by LE-8200 + LAN communication expansion board (OP-SB89) in the Wireshark/ Ethereal.
The latest version of "lepcapcvt" is available from LINEEYE website. If you have the LAN communication expansion board (OP-SB89), please try this software.

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2. How to update the latest firmware

Please download the utility software from our Website.
Decompress it to the appropriate folder.
Refer to the instruction "readme" for more detail.
To use the USB transferring function, you need to have OP-SB89 v1.02 or above.

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