Jul. 5, 2017

Guide on Updating the Firmware of "LE-8200/LE-8200A" (Version 1.20)

Thank you for using LINEEYE products.

LINEEYE has released the latest firmware (ver1.20) of LE-8200/LE-8200A.

The new firmware extpands the capacity for CF card and supports a 128GB CF card.

If you have been using the ex-version, please update to the latest version.

[ Update Information ]

  1. It expands the capacity for CF card and LE-8200 and LE-8200A started to support a 128GB CF card (CF-128GX).
    Available CF cards
    Old firmwareNew firmware
    2G-64Gbyte CF cards
    CF-2GX, CF-8GX,
    CF-16GX, CF-32GX,
    CF-32GX, CF-64GX
    2G-128Gbyte CF cards
    CF-2GX, CF-8GX,
    CF-16GX, CF-32GX,
    CF-32GX, CF-64GX

  2. File number limitation for th auto save function has extended up to 2048.
    File number limitation of measurement log file on CF card (or also USB flash for LE-8200A) for Auto Save function which is useful for long time recording has expanded to 2048 from 1024. For this, not only when using big capacity CF card, also when you want to confirm the date/time of communication log more correctly with time stamp by setting each file size of the log file smaller, you can execute longer time recording than before.

  3. Corrects the error in which sometimes time stamps does not renewed for PROFIBUS
    A bug in which time stamps of 100/10/1 resolution are sometimes not recorded when monitoring with protocol of PROFIBUS has been fixed.

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[ How to update the latest firmware ]

Please download the latest firmware from our Website.

Software for transferring firmware "LE8FIRM" is also available from our Website.

Refer to the"LE8FIRM.TXT" document in the utility CD and transfer the latest firmware to the analyzer.

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