April. 20, 2018

Update of a library to control LE series from a PC(Linux) (Version 0.71)

LINEEYE CO., LTD. has updated "libLEPC", a library to control LE analyzers such as LE-8200(A), LE-3500R/2500R, and LE-200PR/150PR from Linux PC, and released it on LINEEYE website.

[ The library to control LE series from a Linux PC - libLEPC ]

"libLEPC" is a library (real time version) used to make a user application software to remotely control the analayzer from Linux PC. It can be used to make your own measurement/analyzing program. AUX (serial) port, USB, and Wi-Fi are supported for the connection between the PC and the analyzer.

[ Outline ]

  1. We confirmed that it works on the following Linux distributions (64bit/32bit).
    Ubuntu 17.10 Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Debian 9.4 CentOS 7.4
    Kernel 4.13.0 4.4.0 4.9.0 3.10.0
    gcc version 7.2.0 5.3.1 6.3.0 4.8.5
    Note: Tested on our testing environment and it does not assure the full performance in the environment above.

  2. We added many samples and improved the document.

  3. We fixed the following bugs.
    • A bug which occurs when connecting with the serial port
    • A bug on the DT file conversion function

[ Samples ]

Applicable analyzers

LE-8200A / LE-8200
LE-3500R / LE-2500R / LE-1500R
LE-3500 / LE-2500 / LE-1500
LE-7200 / LE-3200 / LE-2200 / LE-1200
LE-200PR / LE-200PS / LE-150PR / LE-150PS


The latest library can be downloaded from LINEEYE website for free.

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