LE-580FX TAP Mode Utility

Latest firmware add “User defined translation function” which can translate frame data at specified position to the characters or numbers. It is useful to analyze the unique protocol format.

Purpose of this document:

Introducing the procedure to setup LE-580FX for Ethernet TAP between 2 target devices with WireShark. Other third party software can also work in the same way.
Use LE-580FX TAP Mode Utility if one or two of target devices only support Media Type in forced mode (ex: only support forced 100M Full duplex or forced 10M Full duplex).

Please note: Do not use with “LE-580FX Window” and “LE-580FX QoS”.

Download the latest software from our Website.

System Requirements

OS Windows® XP/Vista(32bit version)
LE-580FX firmware version 1.7 or above
WinPcap Ver4.0.2
OS Windows® 7
LE-580FX firmware version 1.7 or above
WinPcap Ver4.1.1