Line monitor


●Supports RS-232C and TTL (1.8 to 5V level, UART) measurement
●4.3 inch color touch screen
●Preset speeds up to 460.8Kbps
●Real-time display of communication data
●Supports USB flash as strage device
●Handheld, 5 hours work by AA size Ni-MH batter

LE-120SA is a handheld line monitor specialized for ASYNC communication which is widely used in the industry. You can control the line monitor by soft screen touch as you do for smart phones. The light weight (300g including batteries) helps you for the field maintenance besides the system developments.

Item Name Remarks
USB charger LE-P1USB Used to provide bus-power to the line monitor or to charge Ni-MH batteries.
5-wire TTL prove LE-5LS Prove cable for TTL/external I/O port
10 pin external I/O cable LE-10ES1 10-pin cable for TTL measurement port. * Same as the attached one
Monitor cable for DSUB25 pin LE-25M1 Used with the Dsub25-9 adapter when the target device has DSUB25 pin interface.
DSUB25-9 adapter LE-259AD2 DSUB25(female)-DSUB9(female) connector adapter. Can be connected to the RS-232C port of the line monitor to change it to DSUB25pin monitor port.
DSUB9 pin branch cable LE-009M2 * Same as the attached one
Carrrying bag LEB-02 230x180x65mm * Same as the attached one
PC link software LE-PC300R PC link software for Windows PC. Note: Ver1.05 or later is needed.