Line monitor


●Supports RS-232C and TTL (1.8 to 5V level, UART) measurement
●4.3 inch color touch screen
●Preset speeds up to 460.8Kbps
●Real-time display of communication data
●Supports USB flash as strage device
●Handheld, 5 hours work by AA size Ni-MH batter

LE-120SA is a handheld line monitor specialized for ASYNC communication which is widely used in the industry. You can control the line monitor by soft screen touch as you do for smart phones. The light weight (300g including batteries) helps you for the field maintenance besides the system developments.

Specifications (Line Monitor LE-120SA)
Interface RS-232C, TTL(1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V level)
Protocol ASYNC, UART
Capture Memory 16Mbyte (acout 4000Kdata), 2 part division is available
Speed (bps) 50, 75, 150, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 12800, 14400, 19200, 28800, 38400, 57600, 115200, 230400, 460800, user specified speed*1
Data length 7bit, 8bit
Parity bit NONE, EVEN, ODD
Stop bitƒg 1bit, 2bit
Error check Parity, framing, brake
Idle time Resolution 100ms, 10ms, 1ms, OFF(no display) can be selected. Max 999.9 seconds
Time stamp Date time stamp: Unit selectable among "Year/Mon/Day Hr:Min," "Mon/Day Hr:Min:Sec," "Day Hr:Min:Sec.10ms," or OFF (with no record)
Line state Records and displays the wave form and logical status of external trigger input and control line along with the transmission/reception data.
Data search Communication error, Max 8 characters data line (Don't care and bit maskare available)), idle time more than the specified duration, time stamp within the specified time range, cueing and counting of trigger matching data
Trigger function Up to four pairs of trigger conditions and actions can be specified.
Condition Communication error, communication data string up to 8 characters (don't care and bit mask are available), idle time more than the specified duration, Timer/counter match, logical status of the control line and external trigger.
Action Stops measurement/test (number of offsets until a stop can be set), validates trigger conditions, controls timer, controls counter, activates buzzer, saves monitor data into a USB flash, sends the specified character string, sends pulse output to external trigger terminal OT2
Monitor conditions auto setting Automatically configures the setting (max 460.8Kbps)*2
Simulation function*3 Test data transmission, ON/OFF of RTS/DTR
Only RS-232C port*4
Transmission data Max 16 (up to 16K in total) transmission data an be registered. 14 pre-set data and break output are available.
File management function Measured data and measurement condition can be saved into a USB flash and can be read from the USB flash.
Power save function Automatic light reduction, auto power off
Remote control PC link software (light version) is offered for free.
Line status LED Logical status of SD(TXD), RD(RXD), RTS, CTS are displayed.
Display 4.3 inch TFT color display (480x272dot)
Touch panel Capacitance touch panel
USB2.0 device port Micro B connector, high speed transmission supported. Used for PC connection and firmware update.
USB2.0 host port Standard A connector, high speed transmission supported. Used for USB flash connection*5
Power USB bus power 5V/500mA
Two AA Ni-MH batteries or two AA alkaline batteries (LR6)
Drive time*6 AA Ni-MH batteries: about 5 hours
AA alkaline batteries: about 2 hours
Temperature & humid 0 to 40 degrees celcius (-10 to 50 degrees celcius for storage), under 85%RH
Size & weight 158mm x 100mm x 31mm, 300g(including batteries)
Accesories DB9 branch monitor cable (LE-009M2), trigger I/O cable (LE-4TG), micro USB cable, two AA Ni-MH batteries, utility CD, carrying bag, quick start guide, warranty card
*1: User specified speed can have a margin of error.
*2: It cannot work properly when there are little communication data or when the data do not have 101,010 bit pattern.
*3: Only DTE mode is available
*4: The TTL port is for monitor only.
*5: Not all the USB falshes are supported.
*6: Based on our testing by common usage.