Monitor cable for DSUB 9-pin LE-259M1
For details
Three-wire Probe Cable LE-3LP
A cable with IC clip terminals suitable to the external trigger I/O connector of the Analyzer.
Terminal Block Adapter LE-5TB
An adapter to convert RS-422/485 signals from the DB connector to the terminal block.
DB25   Terminal
18Φ        ΦTxD+
19Φ        ΦTxD-
10Φ        ΦRxD+
11Φ        ΦRxD-
TTL Monitor Probe Pod OP-5M
A connection probe for monitoring TTL-level communication lines. Input level when monitoring supports serial communication of IC signal level at 2.5V, 3V, and 5V. It is possible to eject voltage for external pull-up. It is the most suitable to evaluate serial communications etc. between LSI on the print board by directly connecting with the test clip.
[Cannot be used for the analyzer in simulation mode.]
[Using high-class test clip]
[OP-5M Specification]
Item Specification
Signal Line SD, RD, RTS, CTS, DSR, DTR, DCD, CI

Input Level
Threshold Value

Signal Level High Threshold Value Low threshold Value
5.0V Min. 3.5V Max. 1.5V
3.0V Min. 2.2V Max. 0.9V
2.5V Min. 1.7V Max. 0.7V
Signal level is adjustable by dip switch.
Input Hysteresis Voltage Min. 0.3V to Max. 1.2V
Input Impedance

100k Ohm (0V <= Vin <= 5V)
10k Ohm (Vin < 0V, +5V < Vin)

Input Capacity Less than 10pF
Max. Input Voltage - 25V to + 25V
Pull-up Voltage Output
for Testing
Possible to output test voltage corresponding to dip switches of No.2 to No.4 to the clip of white lead through resistance of 1.5k Ohm. (Possible to use for pull-up of target signal of testing at open collector output.)
Dip Switch Signal polarity and signal level are adjustable.
No. Definition of Switch
1 Signal polarity
2 5.0V signal level
3 3.0V signal level
4 2.5V signal level
Power Supply Supplied from the analyzer
Dimensions of Pod (mm) 78 (W) × 92 (D) × 22 (H)
Weight of Pod (g) 240
Probe Unit Length of Probe lead: 170mm
Test Clip: 10  Croc clip: 1
Length of Probe Cable 300mm