LAN packet tester


●Checking LAN protocols and data of the communication of target devices.
●Checking and analyzing traffic.
●Providing statistical information, such as error rate etc.
●Generate test packets for network test.
●Measuring QoS, such as latency etc.
●Studying network communication protocols.

The LE-590TX is a LAN analyzer that connects to a PC's USB2.0 port. In TAP mode, you can capture full duplex data on 10/ 100Base-TX and transmit to the PC at 480Mbps via the USB2.0 interface. In PG mode, you can generate test packets at up to 100Mbps line rate.

Specifications (LAN Packet Capture LE-590TX)
Measurement Port 2 ports of Ethernet 10Base-T/ 100Base-TX (RJ-45 connector) Auto MDI/MDI-X supported
PC connection port USB2.0 High Speed Mini USB Port
LED Display for power ON/OFF, TAP/PG, Link/Speed of PortA/B, Capture of PortA/B,
Time Stamp Add a time stamp every time receiving data frame. (unit: 1us,)
TAP mode Capture full-duplex packet data on PortA and PortB which are through-connected. Packet data will be transmitted to the PC adding the time stamp information etc.
Function of LE590-TAP (software)
  • Filtering
  • Counter panel
  • Countered values of packets can be displayed by the universal counter.
  • Automatically saves the data into the specified folder on the Instant Mode.
  • Diplays in real-time the capture baffer - 1 file for 2000 packets.
  • Manually saves the data into the specified folder on the Block Mode.
  • Displays the capture buffer after stopping the measurement at 32768 packets.
  • The counter panel and the universal counter can be saved in EXCEL format.
  • Can save the data in PCAP format.*1
  • Traffic display by line, pie, and bar graph.
  • L1/L2 loop-back test function
Use with Ethernet Analysis Software, Ethereal/Wireshark
By the Packet Mode of LE590-TAP you can directly capture packets using Wireshark.
PG mode Transmits a uni, multi, or boradcast at line-rate from each of A and B port.
Function of LE590-SG (software)
  • Specifies the transmission type (10M/100M, full/half duplex, auto, MDIX)
  • Specifies the rate
  • On/Off of flow control
  • Specifies transmission from continuous, packet numbers, and time
  • Configures 2-7 layer of data frames (up to 64, capture data can be read, VLAN and X-TAG can be specified.)(preamble is not available.).
  • Adds CRC and IP checksum error.
  • BERT function
  • Router NAT function
Function of LE590-2544 (software)
Throughput, latency, packet loss, and back to back test are available.
NIC mode One of the Port A or Port B acts as NIC (Network Interface Card).
Function of LE590-NIC (software)
  • Port configuration
  • Counter function
  • Administration of firmware and applications
Temperature 0 to 40°C(operation), -10 to 70°C(storage), Below 85%RH (no condensation)
Power USB bus power (max.4W)*2
Dimension and Weight 95(W)x76.6(D)x19.6(H)mm, 170g
PC PC/AT compatible with USB2.0 port.
Pentium 4 1.6GHz or more. RAM 1.5GB or more. HDD capacity 10G or more.*11
OS Windows® 7/8/8.1/10 (each 32/64bit)
Accessories Analyzer, Utility CD, USB 2way cable, LAN cable, manuals, warranty.
*1 To display the captured data a software such as Wireshark is needed.
*2 Use 2way cable if you have power shortage. Provide the power source from 2 USB ports.