LE-650H2/LE-650H2-A Updating License

1. Outline

We are continuously releasing a new version of PC software for LE-650H2/LE-650H2-A adding new features to it. If the release date of the version of the software is within 1 year after the shipping date of the LE-650H2/LE-650H2-A, the customer can use all the features of the version. However, if the release date of the version is more than 1 year after from the shipping date, the customer cannot use a part of the features newly added to the version.

It needs the updating license to remove the restriction. By purchasing the license and updating the license of the LE-650H2/LE-650H2-A, the customer can use all the features of the version which is released within 1 year after the shipping date of the license.

Note: Take account of the time lag between our shipping and receiving by a customer, above “1 year” actually has a margin added to the 1 year.

LE-650H2/LE-650H2-A Version History

2. Example of the restriction (in the case of Version

We added following four features by Version (released on Dec. 10, 2014), however customers need the updating license to use all the four features if the LE-650H2/LE-650H2-A was shipped more than 1 year before the release date.

USB & VBus-mixed log mode Updating License required
HCI packet decoding for Bluetooth dongle Updating License required
Add timestamp with external trigger log No restriction
Change filter criteria so that PING transactions are
filtered-out under USB address filtering.
No restriction

3. How to check the available function

By using following tool, you can check which function of the PC software you can use with your LE-650H2/LE-650H2-A or if you need to renew the license to use the functions.

Download of the license check tool

LE-650H2_LICENCE_CHK Ver1.3.1.5

4. How to buy the updating license

Please buy the following item to update the license;

Name H2 Updating License
Model number LE-H2-UP01

When you purchase, the serial number of the LE-650H2(-A) and the e-mail address are required. This updating license will be sent by e-mail. We will inform a download link address for the files to update the license.

For the pricing of the updating license, please contact a distributor in your region.

Where to Buy.

5. Contact

Email: Contact Us