December. 9,2008

USB2.0 Protocol Analyzer, LE-620HS/LE-610FS Version up

1. About Updated Information

LINEEYE CO., LTD has released the new version of analysis software and firmware for LE-620HS/LE-610FS.

2. Outline


  1. Support MTP and PTP translation display.
  1. A part of message was corrected.
  1. Improved Analysis Display
    Add the display of transmitting speed (Hi/Full/Low) for the transaction.
    Add the function of device class setting for translation display.
    Support the translation display for Printer and USBTMC.
    Display the device information when selecting the transaction.
  2. Improved Statistic Information
    Display the total result of each USB address.
  3. Improved Retrieval Function
    Add retrieval of data byte line by inputting the data in hexadecimal, binary, decimal or character with bit masks.
    Add the retrieval of fallacious transaction structure and data packet toggle sequence.
    Add the retrieval of Undefined event.
  4. Improved Trigger Function
    Add the trigger function of USB Bus state (RESET/SUSPEND/DISCONNECT).
    Add the function to be recorded the time when occurring the trigger.
  5. Improved Export Function
    Add the function to be saved only payload of the data packet in binary file.
    Change to be output trigger point when exporting to CSV file.
  6. Added Window OS
    Able to use in the WindowsVista Home Basic/Home Premium/Business/Ultimate(32 bit version)

  7. Complete history of version information

3. How to upgrade the version

When you have the analysis software, "Version 2.x.x.x" or "Version 3.0.0.x", you can update the version to "version". Please download the new version of analysis software (includes new version firmware) from our Web site and install to your PC, which you are using with old version. After defrost the downloaded file, you can operate the "setup. exe" without connecting to LE-620HS/LE-610FS.

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