Sep. 28, 2010

USB2.0 Protocol Analyzer, LE-620HS/LE-610FS Version up

LINEEYE CO., LTD has released the new version of LE-620HS/LE-610FS (ver which can be used in Windows® 7. To have the new version, please download the new utility software from our Web site.

1. About Updated Information

[Complete version history]

2. How to upgrade the version

If you have the analysis software, "Version 2.x.x.x" or "Version 3.0.0.x", you can update it to "version". Please download the new version of analysis software (includes new version firmware) from our Web site and install to your PC, which you are using with old version. After defrost the downloaded file, you can operate the "setup. exe" without connecting to LE-620HS/LE-610FS.


3. Contact

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