Oct. 7, 2010

Guide on Updating the Firmware of High-speed HDLC/SPI "OP-FW12G" (Version 2.02)

Thank you for using LINEEYE products.
LINEEYE has released the latest firmware of OP-FW12G for LE-8200 analyzer.
It solves some of the bugs. If you have been using the ex-version (ver2.01 or before), please update to the latest version.

[ Update Information ]

[Complete version history]

[ Specifications ]

Interface RS-422/485(RS-530), TTL, SPI
Protocol HDLC, SDLC, X.25, CC-LINK (NRZ/NRZI, AR clock*1), SPI
Max. speed HDLC:12Mbps SPI:20Mbps
Time stamp 9 digits(0-134217727) Resolution: 1mS / 100μS / 10μS / 1μS selectable
Dividing SPI frame SS falling edge, non-communication time for specified time
 (resolution: 0.1 ms, max 10ms)
Trigger When specified transmission/reception data, HDLC error, or the external trigger input(low level) are found, the analyzer automatically stops monitoring.
Simulation Data table (16 kinds, total 16Kbyte) corresponding to the numerical keys can be sent for one time or repeated times.
Others Retrieval, File management, Print out, Auto RUN/STOP at specified time, Auto save function. 
*1:Extract Synch clock from transmission/reception clock.

[ How to update the latest fimware ]

Please download the latest firmware from our Website.
And read “OP-FW12G_readme.txt” which is included in the update file.

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