Mar. 16, 2012

Guide on Updating the Firmware of CAN/LIN communications
"OP-SB87" (Version 1.07)

Thank you for using LINEEYE products.
LINEEYE has released the latest firmware of OP-SB87 for LE-8200analyzer.
The latest firmware adds Analog Measurement mode and improves LIN measurement.
If you have been using the ex-version, please update to the latest version.

1. Update Information

<Improvement / Addition>

  1. Add Analog Measurement mode in the Monitor function.
    On-line mode measures voltage of four external signals at the time of monitoring CAN/LIN data. Analog mode measures voltage of four external signals at specific sampling time and can be used as an Analog data logger.
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    • Sampling Cycle is selectable. (Min.1ms, Max.10min)(13steps)
      Select from "1ms,2ms,5ms,10ms,20ms,50ms,100ms,200ms,500ms,1s,10s,1min,10min".
    • Record measured data since the last sampling, and analyze measured data corresponding to the external signals.
      Analog data is displayed in white color. Analog data along with Ch1/Ch2 data is displayed in yellow/green.
    • Analog data can be saved in a CF card as text format.
      [ Display voltage of four external signals ]
      [ Data displayed in spreadsheet software ]
  2. Improve LIN measurement
    • Support baud rate of LIN up to 26Kbps. (Before: 20Kbps)
      Max speed of LIN specification is up to 20Kbps. However, supporting higher speed enables to have margin tests, such as testing at 20560bps.
    • Add outputting wake-up signals supported by LIN Rev2.0 or above.
      Pressing [TOP/DEL] key during simulation outputs a pulse for about 0.25 - 1ms. And pressing [END/x] key during simulation outputs a pulse for about 80h data width.
    • Improve the configuration of "FRAME TIME" (frame end time).
    • Latest firmware enables to set the appropriate "FRAME TIME" automatically according to the LIN speed."FRAME TIME" is a useful function to measure LIN, when LIN specification of target devices are unidentified.
    • Change the initial value of INTERVAL (schedule transmission cycle) for LIN simulation to 200ms.
  3. Add "HMS"(Hour/Minute/Second) in the time stamp resolution
    Add "HMS" in the time stamp resolution, which might be needed for recording long hours in the Analog Measurement mode.
  4. Bug correction
    • Add "Stop" in the "BT RUN lock" in the system configuration.
      Selecting "Stop" does not allow to start measuring or stops measuring while battery warning LED is lighting.
      It will prevent damage from power failure when measuring at Auto Save function.
    • Correct a minor bug of loading configuration files of OP-SB7FX on a CF card.
    • Correct a minor bug of guide message.

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2. How to update the latest firmware

Please download the latest firmware from our Website.

Refer to the instruction of analyzer to transfer the firmware to the analyzer.

Program to transfer firmware (LE8FIRM) is also available from our Website.

4. Contact

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