Jan. 30, 2013

USB2.0 Protocol Analyzer "LE-650H2" Supporting VBUS Measurement and Huge Memory

[ Outline ]

The conventional model, LE-620HS was famous for huge logging memory in the HDD/SSD of the PC, and detailed translation display with each class decode by simple operation. However, the demand of compact, light-weight, low cost and bus powered analyzer had increased.
LINEEYE has developed the new USB2.0 protocol analyzer, “LE-650H2” which measures USB2.0 High/Full/Low speed transferred data along with VBUS power consumption.
LE-650H2 has almost the same functions compared to the conventional mode, but it is smaller and lighter by employing an aluminum case and 8-layer PCB. The reduction of the power consumption on the measurement circuit makes it possible to run by USB bus power. Furthermore, it becomes a RoHS compliant product at low cost by reconsidering the product parts.
The differences between the standard model (LE-650H2) and the advance model (LE-650H2-A) are the memory capacity of USB log data and VBUS measurement cycle.
The low cost device of easy operation by just connecting it to the USB port of the PC is useful for developing/debugging the firmware/driver and study purpose of USB standard

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[ Feature ]

  1. Record USB log data in the HDD/SSD of the PC up to 40GB continuously. (LE-650H2-A)
  2. Search, scroll, display detailed translation with each class decode, without interrupting the measurement.
  3. Display power consumption of bus powered target device in real time.
  4. Display statistic information of transferred byte and average transferring rate in the specific range of the measured data.
  5. Palm-size by employing an aluminum case and 8-layer PCB. Reduce the radiation noise.
  6. Simple operation. Start measuring by clicking the space key after connecting it to the target device.
  7. Powerful trigger function and filter function.

[ Specification ]

Model Standard Model: LE-650H2 Advance Model: LE-650H2-A
Standard USB2.0/1.1
Speed High(480Mbps)/Full(12Mbps)/Low(1.5Mbps). Automatically detect and run.
Recording Capacity Max. 10GB
(Can be specified 1MB each)
Max. 40GB,
(Can be specified 1MB each)
Recoding Method Record USB packets and bus status (Bus Reset, Suspend, Disconnect, Device Chirp, Hub Chirp) in the HDD/SSD of the PC as a log file continuously.
Time stamp Resolution of 16.7ns for 5 hours max.
VBUS Measurement Display voltage, current and power consumption of VBUS in real time.
VBUS logger mode*1: Record, display and convert into CSV format at specified cycle.
VBUS Measurement cycle 100ms - 1s (4 steps) 0.1ms - 1s (13 steps)
Display data in every USB transaction.
Filter Display or do not display SOF, IN-NAK, OUT-NAK, SETUP-NAK, PING, with or without multiple particular address/end points.
Trigger If particular address/end point, packet type, error, data packet payload, bus status, or external trigger input is matched with the trigger conditions, the device outputs external trigger or stops measuring in the sequent (up to 16 sequence).
Off-line Analysis Search data, customize color display, display detailed translation, statistic analysis, Mark/Jump function, input comments, save data, export data, print-out data.
External Trigger Terminal Input: 4 (TTL level), Output: 4 (LVTTL level)
LED display 2-colored LED, POWER/RUN, VBUS, DATA, SPEED
Power Supply USB Bus Power
Standard CE (class A), EMC(EN61326-1:2006), RoHS compliance
Dimension/ Weight 86(W) x 130(D) x 30(H) mm, approx. 210g
Accessories Analyzer, PC software CD, USB cable, Instruction Manual, Warranty
System Requirement Windows XP/Vista/7 (Support both Japanese and English Windows)
*1: The VBUS Logger mode will be added by free-upgrading in April, 2013 .

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