Feb. 27, 2013

Guide on Upgrading the PC link software (LE-PC800G) for LE-8200. (Version 1.06)

LINEEYE CO., LTD has released the latest PC link software, “LE-PC800G" for LE-8200.
The latest version improves a lot of functions, such as supprting Modbus protocol and adding the starting options.
If you have been using the ex-version, please update to the latest version.

<Update Information>

  1. Add the character search in the search conditions.
    Able to set the data search conditions in character. For example, inserting "YES" in the search condition will find data "59h, 45h, 53h" in ASCII code, and "E8h, C5h, E2h" in EBCDIC code.
    The previous "Character search condition" is renamed as "Character (HEX) search condition".
  2. Support Modbus protocol
    Able to measure Modbus protocol by remote-control from the PC and display in the translation display.
    To measure Modbus protocol, you need to have LE-8200 with firmware version V1.11 or above.
    [ Example of Modbus Translation Display ]
  3. Record in another data files after appointed time.
    The previous version only changes the data file after one file is reached to the specified size.
    The latest version changes the data file at appointed elapsed time.
    [ Example of configuration screen ]
  4. Add the starting options.
    Add following options when starting the LE-PC800G.
    -r "[name of configuration]" After starting the LE-PC800G, selected LE-8200 which is set by the configuration of [name of configuration] starts measuring automatically. To set more than one LE-8200, for example for "Unit01" and "Unit02", set as -r "Unit01" -r "Unit02".
    -q Increase the frequency of recording measured data to the data files and adjust the format of data files to enable to read the files immediately. It allows you to copy the data files to another files or copy to another PC while in measuring.
    *   This function is available especially for low data rate. For normal measurement, please do not use this function.
  5. Other Improvement/ Bug correction
    • Increase the maximum block number (number of files) from 2000 to 2048.
    • Save the search conditions after closing the application.
    • Change the name of starting menu for On-line help as "LE-PC800G help".
    • Correct the minor bug of character input mode for data tables.

[Complete version history]

[ How to update the latest firmware ]

Please download the latest firmware from our Website.
Unzip the file and execute the “Setup.exe”. Please update the options of analyzer as well.
If the trial version of LE-PC800G has been installed, please uninstall it first.

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