Jul. 11, 2012

Guide on Updating the Firmware of CAN/LIN Expansion Kit “OP-SB87” (Version 1.09) for LE-8200

LINEEYE has released the latest firmware of CAN/LIN expansion kit, “OP-SB87” for LE-8200. The latest firmware improves the CAN simulation function. If you have been using ex-version, please update it to the latest version.

1. Update Information

[Improvement / Addition]

  1. Able to set CAN simulation data up to 272 kinds. The latest version adds the sub tables (16kinds) beside the main table (16kinds), and 272 kinds of data in total can be registered.
    Former version only registers 16 kinds of CAN simulation data. Sometime it is not enough for CAN communications which has many kinds of data frames.

    One main table and sixteen kinds of sub tables becomes one group. And the group of 17 tables in total can be sent by one press of a key in the Manual simulation.
    Main table Sub table Group
    Table 0 Table 0-0 Table 0-1 ··· Table 0-F Table 0 Group
    Table 1 Table 1-0 Table 1-1 ··· Table 1-F Table 1 Group
    : : : : : :
    Table F Table F-0 Table F-1 ··· Table F-F Table FGroup

    Configurations of sub tables include “on/off”(valid/invalid of sub tables) and “delay” settings beside the same configurations with main tables. The defaults of sub tables are all “off”. If sub tables are unnecessary, use the main tables only.
    Starting point of
    CAN simulation
    Main table (table
    in former version)
    Sub table data
    Delay time

[Bug Correction]

[Complete version history]

2. How to update the latest firmware

The firmware version information appears on the right bottom of the screen when turning on the analyzer.

Download the latest firmware from our Website.

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