November. 2, 2018

"OP-SB87FD" a new expansion board for measurement/simulation of
CAN FD, CAN, and CXPI has been released.

LINEEYE Co., LTD. has released a new expansion board (for LE-8200A/LE-8200) for measurement/simulation of CAN FD, CAN, and CXPI "OP-SB87FD" this November.


[ Background ]

CAN and LIN are generally used in car indusries, but in these days new standards such as CAN FD (supporting high-speed, developed from CAN) and CXPI (a LAN standard for car developed in Japan) are gradually used. Now the market needs an analyzer to make the development and maintenance of the deveices with these standards more efficiently.

[ Outline ]

OP-SB87FD is an expansion board used with LE-8200A/LE-8200 for measurement/simulation of CAN FD, CAN, and CXPI. It measures 2 channels of CAN FD/CAN or CXPI. The monitor mode measures and logs the communication data into the memory and display it in real-time. The similation mode can send/receive test data instead of the original communication partner for early development. The ID fileter function and the trigger function make the development and evaluation more efficient. Also as it works in stand-alone, you can make good use of it in field testing and maintenance.

[ Features ]

  1. Measures 2 channels of CAN FD/CAN or CXPI.
  2. Monitor/Simulation are available for 125Kbps to 1Mbps (High speed: 1M to 5Mbps) CAN FD communication, 125Kbps to 1Mbps CAN communciation, and 5Kbps to 20Kbps CXPI communication.
  3. Supports CAN FD communication which is not included in ISO standard.
  4. 16 types of frames can be transmitted by the CAN FD/CAN simulation function
  5. The CXPI simulation supports master and slave.
  6. The analog measurement function for voltage of 4 external signals (the input range is :±15V) is useful for analysis of actuators or sensors.
  7. The logic analyzer function for CAN FD, CAN, and CXPI bus is useful to understand the communication standard and for trouble shooting of a hardware.

OP-SB87FD product tinformation


Interface CAN/CAN FD: ISO11898/ISO11898-1:2015 (two Dsub9 pin connectors)
CXPI: JASO D 015-3:2015 (two header3 pin connectors)
Traceiver CAN/CAN FD: MCP2542FD (Microchip) or equivalent
CXPI: BD41000AFJ (Rohm) or equivalent
Channel 2 channels in combination of CAN, CAN FD, and CXPI
Protocol CAN2.0B, CAN-FD(ISO/Non-ISO), CXPI
Speed CAN: Max 1Mbps, CAN FD: Max 5Mbps, CXPI: Max 20Kbps
Monitor function ID/PID finlter is available for each channel.
Time stamps can be added (resolution: 1s, 1ms, 100µs, 10µs, or 1µs)
CAN/CAN FD: Stanadard and extended format are supported.
CXPI: Arbitrary speed can be set.
Simulation function Transmit pre-registered test frames by key operation.
Increase/decrease data in the appointed position in a frame (sweep) CAN/CAN FD: Using trigger function it can respond to a reception of specified frame.
CXPI: Scheduled transmission in both master and slave mode is available.
Trigger function Condition: Specified data (max 8 characters), specific remote frame, error,
timer and counter coincidence, external signal logic
Action: Measurement stop, saving in a memory card, timer control,

counter control, specification data transmission, buzzer,
validation of trigger conditions

External signal input Real-time display of 4-channel external signal state with LED
Record signal logic in synchronization with data
Measure signal voltage continuously (Measurement range:±15V)
Accessories The expansion board, line state sheet, two Dsub9 pin monitor cables,
two 3-wire probe cables, external I/O cable, manual, warranty card

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