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17th April, 2020

Multi-protocol analyzer "LE-3500XR/LE-2500XR" equipped with color display has been released.

LINEEYE Co., Ltd. has released the handy type battery-powered multi-protocol analyzer "LE-3500XR/LE-2500XR" which can analyze communication efficiently by touch panel operation.

Background and outline

The battery-powered, easy-to-carry protocol analyzer has been used by many engineers as a tool for checking communication data on site and logging without a PC. We have developed many models which support RS-232C, RS-485 (widely used in the industrial fields), TTL (used for microcomputers) as a main lineup of our communication analyzers.
This time, Line Eye Co., Ltd. has renewed the middle range model of the multi-protocol analyzer and will release a new product "LE-3500XR / LE-2500XR" which support both LCD touch operation and keyboard operation. The 4.3-inch color LCD with a capacitive touch panel enables intuitive touch and swipe operations like a smartphone, and can scroll vertically and horizontally in the data view. You can input the transmisison data for simulation efficiently by touching the full keyboard on the screen. In addition, by adopting a lithium-ion battery pack, we have achieved a significant reduction in size and weight while maintaining the same battery life as the conventional model.
The color display improves the visibility during communication analysis in online monitors, simulations, BERT, etc. The capture memory has been greatly enhanced compared to the conventional model, and the long-term continuous recording function (by which the analyzer saves the data into a SD card / USB flash) has been enhanced too. In addition, CAN FD and CXPI can be measured by using the newly released expansion board option (for in-vehicle communication) OP-SB7XC / OP-SB7XL. It is a communication analyzer that can be widely used for the development and maintenance of IoT devices, FA, and automobile-related devices, along with the serial and TTL communication analysis.

>> LE-3500XR product information
>> LE-2500XR product information


  • Hybrid operation of capacitive touch panel and physical keyboard
  • RS-232C, RS-422/485, TTL (1.8V-5V signal) communication measurement port are equipped as the standard.
  • Multi protocol support for ASYNC (UART), HDLC, I2C, and SPI. Besides them LE-3500XR supports Modbus too.
  • By optional measurement board they support In-vehicle communication such as CAN FD, CXPI, LIN, and legacy communications such as X.20 / 21, RS-449, V.35 etc.
  • Automatically saves communication logs to SDHC card or USB memory safely and securely even if the power is suddenly turned off
  • They have the logic analyzer function with resolution of 50nS and the amplitude level measurement function RS-232C/TTL signal.
  • The PC link software offers browsing the data and data cenversion into text format by connectintg them with the PC by Wi-Fi/USB.
  • They run by USB bus power. Without the USB bus power it can run for 7 hours continuously by the equipped lithium-ion buttery.


Model LE-3500XR LE-2500XR
Standard Interface RS-232C, RS-422/485, TTL(1.8V to 5V signal level)
Optional Interface CAN FD/CAN/LIN/CXPI, X.20/21, RS-449, V.35, RS-530, Current Loop
Optional Protocol CAN FD/CAN, Device Net, LIN (Rev.1.1,1.2,1.3,2.0,2.1), Current Loop
Dispalay 4.3 inch color display plus capacitive touch panel
Capture Memory 100M byte
Communication Speed 50bps to 2.048Mbps (arbitrary)*1 50bps to 1.000Mbps (arbitrary)
Online Monitor Communication log is recorded continuously and displayed in real-time without affecting the communication lines.
Statistical Analysis Graphical display of communication events in time series -
Trigger Up to four pairs of trigger conditions and actions can be specified. External trigger (1 input, 2 outputs)
Simulation 6 modes (including the program mode) 4 modes (not including the program mode)
BERT Conforming to ITU-T G.821 it measures line quality such bit error rate and block error rate*2
Additional Function Logic analyzer function of max. 50nS resolution and monitoring function of the swing of RS-232/TTL level signal
External Memory*3 SDHC card/USB flash. Max.32Gbyte
External Interface USB2.0, Wi-Fi*4
Power Lithium-ion battery((operating time is about 7 hours 7*5), USB bus power
Dimension & weight 190(W)x153(D)x38(H) mm, about 550g
Accessories Monitor cable for DSUB 25-pin, Monitor cable for DSUB 9-pin, DSUB25pin-9pin conversion adapter, 5 wires TTL prove cable, Micro USB cable, USB charger, carrying bag, Utility CD, quick start guide and warranty
*1: It is up to 1 Mbps for I2C simulation. The optional firmware for high-speed communication supports CC-Link/HDLC/SPI of up to 10Mbps.
*2: BERT function is available only for ASYNC mode and SYNC mode and not available for I2C nor SPI.
*3: Only SDHC cards sold by LINEEYE are supported.
*4: Wi-Fi function is available only in Japan, USA, Canada, and EU.
*5: Based on the test report by LINEEYE.


Comparison Table ○ means standard function while △ means optional function

  New model
Former model
New model
Former model
RS-232C, RS-422/485
TTL(1.8V to 5V signal)
CAN FD, CAN, DeviceNet △ [OP-SB7XC, OP-SB7XL] - △ [OP-SB7XC, OP-SB7XL] -
CXPI △ [OP-SB7XC] - △ [OP-SB7XC] -
CAN, DeviceNet, LIN △ [OP-SB7XL] △ [OP-SB7GX] △ [OP-SB7XL] △ [OP-SB7GX]
X.20/21, RS-449, V.35 △ [OP-SB10N]*1
Current Loop △ [OP-SB1C]
CC-Link/HDLC/High-speed SPI △ [OP-FW10XR] △ [OP-FW10R] - -
Display 4.3 inch color LCD
Capacitive touch panel
Monochrome LCD
with backlight
4.3 inch color LCD
Capacitive touch panel
Monochrome LCD
with backlight
Touch Panel Yes - Yes -
Capture Memory 100MB 64MB 100MB 64MB
Max. speed (full duplex)
Max. speed (half duplex)
Statistical Analysis Yes -
Simulation 6 modes 4 modes
RS-232C signal level measurement Yes
TTL signal level measurement
SDHC card Max.32Gbyte Max.16Gbyte
USB flash Max.32Gbyte Max.16Gbyte
USB connection USB high speed
AUX connection - Yes - Yes
Wi-Fi*2 802.11 b/g/n
Dimension (WxDxH) 190×153×38mm 210×154×38mm 190×153×38mm 210×154×38mm
Weight About 550g About 790g About 550g About 760g
*1: Optional monitor cables for each interfaces are needed.
*2: Available only in Japan, USA, Canada, and EU


Name Model Remaks
Interface expansion kits CAN FD/CAN/CXPI expansion kit OP-SB7XC Measures 2 channels at the same time.
CAN FD/CAN/LIN expansion kit OP-SB7XL Measures 2 channels at the same time.
RS-530 expansion kit OP-SB10N Measurement for X.20/21, RS-449, V.35
Current loop expansion kit OP-SB1C Equivalent to SB-25L with OP-1C
TTL/I2C/SPI expansion kit OP-SB5GL Supports USART (which is not supported by the standard board)
Expansion firmware Firmware for high-speed OP-FW10XR For CC-Link, HDLC, and SPI(only LE-3500XR supports)
Monitor cables X.21 monitor cable LE-25Y15 Y shape cable for X.20/21 (OP-SB10N is needed.)
RS-449 monitor cable LE-25Y37 Y shape cable for RS-449 (OP-SB10N is needed.)
V.35 monitor cable LE-25M34 Y shape cable for V.35 (OP-SB10N is needed.)
SDHC cards 16Gbyte SDHC card SD-16GX Validated with the analyzer
32Gbyte SDHC card SD-32GX Validated with the analyzer
PC soft PC link software LE-PC300R OS: Windows7/8/8.1/10
PC link software for CAN(FD)/CXPI/LIN LE-PC7XCL For OP-SB7XC and OP-SB7XL


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