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7th February, 2024

"SB-C2AN" a new expansion board for CAN/CAN FD/high-speed analog measurement

LINEEYE Co., Ltd. will releasw a new expansion kit SB-C2AN that supports CAN/CAN FD and high-speed analog measurements as a communication expansion option for the protocol analyzer LE-8600X/LE-8500X series.


SB-C2AN is an interface expansion set for CAN (ISO 11898-1), CAN FD (ISO11898-1:2015) measurements and analog measurements. Two CAN and CAN FD measurement channels can be used at the same time, and the data is displayed on the LCD monitor in real time while being captured into the measurement memory. By the simulation mode, one of the channels can be used as an output port and it can send and receive test data on behalf of the communication partner in the early stages of development. During monitoring and simulation, specific communications can be reliably captured using the ID filter function and trigger function, making system development and evaluation more efficient. In addition, it is equipped with two channels of high-speed analog waveform measurement at up to 100M samples/sec, and can also record waveforms in conjunction with CAN and CAN FD measurements. In addition, by connecting the included analog measurement pod "OP-8AH", it can record 8 channels of analog voltage of up to ±60V, 16k samples/sec for a long time along with CAN/CAN FD communication. By replacing it with the optional measurement pod "OP-8AT", it can also support high-precision analog measurement and temperature measurement. Furthermore, by connecting an optional GPS antenna, it can record GPS position information with submeter correction (QZSS SLAS), making it possible to powerfully support in-vehicle tests that require multiple analog information along with communication data.

>> SB-C2AN product information


  • By just one unit works as both a CAN analyzer and a frequently used analog measurment tool.
  • Supports CAN FD up to 5Mbps
  • Real-time monitoring of two communication lines simultaneously
  • Reliably catch specific frames using ID filters and trigger functions
  • Periodic data-transfer simulation that can mix CAN FD and CAN communication frames
  • High-speed analog waveform measurement up to 100M samples/sec
  • Record 8 channels of voltage along with communication data for a long time using the included analog measurement pod.
  • High-precision analog measurement and temperature measurement are also available optionally.
  • GPS location information record compatible with submeter-level positioning reinforcement service


SB-C2AN specifications
Comformance analyzer LE-8600X series, LE-8500X series
measurement port
ISO11898-1:2015 compliant/ISO11898 compliant, Dsub 9 pin connector, 2 channels simultaneous measurement is available.
High-speed analog measurement port Number of channels: 2, built-in 12bit resolution/100Msps high-speed ADC (BNC connector x 2)
Input impedance: 1MΩ, 50Ω selectable, withstand voltage: max. ±30Vpk (at 1MΩ), max.±6Vpk (at 50Ω)
Input range: ±24V, ±12V, ±5V, ±2.5V
Analog pod OP-8AH
(Standard equipment)
Number of channels: 8, built-in 24-bit resolution ADC, screwless terminal block
Input range: ±60V, ±30V, ±16V, ±8V, ±4V
Measurement cycle: 62.5 µs (16Ksps) to 4 ms
Analog pod OP-8AT
Number of channels: 8, 24-bit resolution, built-in high-precision ADC, screwless terminal block
channel-to-channel isolation 350V (AC peak/DC)
Input range: ±30V, ±10V, ±1V, ±100mV, 0-20mA, temperature K, J, T, E, N, R, S, B type thermocouple compatible
Measurement cycle: 10 ms to 1 minute
Monitor function Displays and records ID, type, content, error, and CRC of CAN/CAN FD communication frame
CAN /CAN FD sampling point (60% to 90%) can be set
Trigger function OR operation and sequence operation are possible by specifying up to 8 sets of conditions and operations
Simulation function Transmission test of pre-registered test frames (CAN/CAN FD: 272 types) is possible.
Specified position data within the data field can be automatically increased/decreased (sweep).
Multiple frames selected by key operation can be sent at each specified period (the number of transmissions can also be specified)
Analog measurement
(Analog logger) function
Records the analog value of the specified analog measurement port at specified intervals and displays graph/numeric values
Analog waveform monitor
(oscilloscope) function
Measure the voltage of the CH1 differential signal line of BNC connector x2 or CAN/CAN FD at the sampling clock cycle and display the waveform
Digital waveform monitor
(Logic analyzer) function
Measures logical changes in CAN/CAN FD communication signal lines at sampling clock cycles and displays waveforms
GPS function Connect an optional GPS antenna to record location information and synchronize time stamps with high precision to UTC time
Other features Auto save function, auto backup function, time specified automatic RUN/STOP function, file management function, printout function
Components Dedicated expansion board, 1 DSUB9-pin branch cable, 2 BNC probe cables, 1 analog pod "OP-8AH", 1 pod connection cable, utility CD, instruction manual, warranty card


March, 2024


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