Expansion kit for CAN/High-speed Analog
(For LE-8600X/LE-8500X series)



SB-C2AN is an interface expansion for CAN (ISO 11898-1), CAN FD (ISO11898-1:2015) and analog measurements that is used by inserted to a LE-8500X/LE-8600X series analyzer.

Two CAN and CAN FD measurement channels can be used at the same time, and the data is displayed on the LCD monitor in real time while importing them into the measurement memory.

During simulation, one channel can be used as an output port, allowing test data to be sent and received on behalf of the communication partner in the early stages of development. ID filter and trigger functions can be used to identify specific communications during monitoring and simulation, increasing the efficiency of system development and evaluation.

It has 2 channels of high-speed analog waveform measurement port of up to 100M samples/sec, and can also record waveforms in conjunction with CAN and CAN FD measurements.

In addition, by connecting the included analog measurement pod, it is possible to record analog voltages of up to +-60V, 16k samples/sec for long periods along with 8ch CAN and CAN FD communication. Also, you can measure analog data with high accuracy by replacing the pod with another optional pod that also supports measurement and temperature measurement.

By connecting an optional GPS antenna, it is possible to record GPS position information with submeter correction (QZSS SLAS), making this single unit powerfully supporting in-vehicle tests that require multiple analog information along with communication data.


●By just one unit works as both a CAN analyzer and a frequently used analog measurment tool.
●Supports CAN FD up to 5Mbps
●Real-time monitoring of two communication lines simultaneously
●Reliably catch specific frames using ID filters and trigger functions
●Periodic data-transfer simulation that can mix CAN FD and CAN communication frames
●High-speed analog waveform measurement up to 100M samples/sec
●Record 8 channels of voltage along with communication data for a long time using the included analog measurement pod.
●High-precision analog measurement and temperature measurement are also available optionally.
●GPS location information record compatible with submeter-level positioning reinforcement service