Multi Protocol Analyzer



●Compatible with 100BASE-T1, 10BASE-T1L, 10BASE-T1S measurements
●Real-time monitor recording of packets
●SPoE/PoDL measurement function and PSE diagnosis (pseudo PD) function
●Can output test packets for network load tests
●10BASE-T1S multidrop PLCA diagnostic function
●Timestamp that can be synchronized with GNSS (PPS) signals
●Save pcap file that can be analyzed with Wireshark
●PC link via LAN, USB, or Wi-Fi (XR model only) connection

LE-8500X-SE    No Wi-Fi connection
LE-8500XR-SE  With Wi-Fi connection

LE-8500X-SE / LE-8500XR-SE is a communication analyzer that can measure and test the standards: "100BASE-T1", "10BASE-T1L", and "10BASE-T1S". This device also has an SPoE/PoDL measurement function, and the measured communication data and SPoE/PoDL power data can be automatically saved by adding GNSS (PPS) time-corrected timestamps to them to an external storage connected via USB 3.0. The recorded data can be checked on the spot by the analyzer's display, thus you can use it in a variety of situations for the development and evaluation of Single Pair Ethernet devices.

Item Name Remark
LE-8500X-SE/LE-8500XR-SE manual LE-8500X-SE_E1.pdf  
LE-8500X-SE/LE-8500XR-SE quick start guide LE-8500X-SE_Quick_E1.pdf  
■Update firmware / Software for update
Update Firmware LE8586_FW3_V10910 Transfer the downloaded FW file following the instruction in the manual.
System Recovery File LE8586_FWR_V10910 * Please use only to restore the main unit that does not operate normally.
■Utility software / Library
Conversion software to Pcap format lepcapcvt The LAN packet measurement log file measured by the analyzer can be converted to a Pcap/Pcapng format file that can be read by free network analysis software such as Wireshark on a PC.
Key Emulation Software LE-PCKEYEMU Key operations can be emulated and you can check the screen of the main unit of the analyzer on your PC. Remote operation is available as if you are operating the actual machine.
LE file downloader lefiledownload_exe By using the LE file downloader and the auto save function of the analyzer, you can download the measurement log file (#XXXXXXX.DT) automatically saved in the storage device (USB memory, etc.) to your PC via LAN or Wi-Fi connection.
Library to control LE series from a PC
(Real-time version)
(For Windows)
LEPCLIB_RT It is a library to make a customer application software to control the analyzer from a PC (Real-time version). AUX (serial) port, USB port, Ethernet, Wi-Fi connection are supported.
for VC++6.0, VC++.NET
Library to control LE series from a PC
(For Linux)
libLEPC It is a library to make a customer application software to control the analyzer from a PC (Real-time version). AUX (serial) port, USB port, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi connection are supported.
Some sample softwares are included.
Library to control LE series, Python wrapper (for Linux) lepcpy A wrapper library for calling libLEPC functions from Python. It can be used when operating the Protocol Analyzer LE series with Python. It also includes multiple running samples.