Multi Protocol Analyzer



●Compatible with 100BASE-T1, 10BASE-T1L, 10BASE-T1S measurements
●Real-time monitor recording of packets
●SPoE/PoDL measurement function and PSE diagnosis (pseudo PD) function
●Can output test packets for network load tests
●10BASE-T1S multidrop PLCA diagnostic function
●Timestamp that can be synchronized with GNSS (PPS) signals
●Save pcap file that can be analyzed with Wireshark
●PC link via LAN, USB, or Wi-Fi (XR model only) connection

LE-8500X-SE    No Wi-Fi connection
LE-8500XR-SE  With Wi-Fi connection

LE-8500X-SE / LE-8500XR-SE is a communication analyzer that can measure and test the standards: "100BASE-T1", "10BASE-T1L", and "10BASE-T1S". This device also has an SPoE/PoDL measurement function, and the measured communication data and SPoE/PoDL power data can be automatically saved by adding GNSS (PPS) time-corrected timestamps to them to an external storage connected via USB 3.0. The recorded data can be checked on the spot by the analyzer's display, thus you can use it in a variety of situations for the development and evaluation of Single Pair Ethernet devices.

LE-8500X-SE / LE-8500XR-SE
Interface Four 2-pole terminal blocks (2 for 100ABSE-T1, 2 for 10BASE-T1L/T1S). Supports half duplex only for 10BASE-T1S ※1
Capture Memory Capacity: 1Gbyte (96byte to 10560byte for 1 frame)
2 divided use, accidental-erasure protection, and selection of ring buffer and fixed size buffer are available.
Online Monitor Function Simultaneous recording and real-time display of 2 channels of Ethernet frames flowing between ports A-B
Frame Size 60 byte to 9Kbyte
Time Stamp The reception time is added as timestamp data for each received frame.
Resolution: 8n seconds / 1u seconds / 10u seconds can be selected
Data Display/Control Scroll display, 2-split comparison display, jump operation to specified screen, mark jump operation
Translation Supported protocols: IPv4, ARP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, DHCP, EtherCAT, IPv6, ICMPv6
PcapNG Conversion Measurement data can be converted and saved to a PcapNG format file. Measurement data can be output as csv or txt format file.
Filter Function Can monitor only the specific frames that match one or two specified conditions.
Trigger Function When a specific frame that matches the specified conditions is received or when the external TTL signal changes, it can automatically stop monitoring, count how much the conditions are matched, or output the external TTL signal.
Search Function From the measured data, it can search, cue, and count only the specific frames that match the specified conditions.
Statistical Analysis Function Statistics of two frame counter values can be collected and displayed in a graph at specified intervals (2 seconds to 240 minutes), and all frame counter values and the data rate can be displayed in real time.
PoDL measurement function Compatible with class 0 to 15, Ethernet-APL classA, C, and 3. Simultaneous measurement with frames is possible.
Recording cycle: 10uS to 1 second Maximum number of recordings: 16.77 million times
Voltage measurement range: 0 to 66V (Accuracy: ± 0.2% F.S.)
Current measurement range: 0 to ±1.6A (Accuracy: ± 0.5% F.S.)
PG function Outputs arbitrary packets set in 16 transmission data tables (total 32k data) of ports A and B from ports A and B at wire rate.
Ping function Issues a PING command from port A and displays the number of responses and response time (current value, maximum value, minimum value, average value)
PLCA diagnostic function Links the ID and MAC address of the PLCA to be measured
PSE diagnostic function Diagnosis of classification function etc. of PSE equipment using the internal PD
Auto Save Function The contents of the capture memory (monitored data) can be automatically saved as a communication log file in the storage such as the USB memory / SDHC, etc.※2
Additiona Functions Time synchronization function using GNSS PPS signal or external PPS signal, Auto Backup function, Time-specified Auto RUN/STOP function, Power-on Auto RUN function
Print out Measurement data can be printed in text format or as hard copy.
Display 7 inch TFT color LCD with capacitive touch panel
Line Status LED 11 LEDs, Speed, link status, Auto negotiation status, PLCA enabled
LAN Port RJ45 connector, 1000BASE-T Ethernet: IEEE 802.3 for PC connection
USB Device Port Type-C connector, SuperSpeed transfer supported. For PC connection
USB Host Port Standard A connector, SuperSpeed transfer supported. For external storage (USB memory/SSD) and dedicated printer
SD Card Slot For standard size SD / SDHC memory cards, compliant with SD Association standard
External I/O Terminal 4-pin connector for TTL level trigger input/output signals
GPS Antenna Connector SMA (female) connector
PPS Signal Connector SMA (female) connector
Wi-Fi Connection※3 IEEE802.11b/g/n frequency range: 2412MHz to 2484MHz
Transmission power 802.11b: +18.5dBm, 802.11g: +18.0dBm, 802.11n: +17.0dBm
Power Attached AC adapter, lithium ion secondary battery (model number: P-26LW2)
Battery life: 2 hours※4
Ambient Temperatures In operation : 0 to 40 degree Celsius, In storage : -20 to 50 degree Celsius
Ambient Humidity 20 to 85%RH (No condensation)
Standard CE (Class A)
Size 234(W) x 186(D) x 44(H)mm
Wight about 990g
Accessories LAN cable 1pc, USB cable (standard A-Type-C), external signal input/output cable (LE-4TG), AC adapter (6A-181WP09), carrying back (LEB-01), utility CD, quick start guide, warranty card

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*1: When the power of this unit is turned off, ports A and B are connected through in this unit.
*2: In the case of high traffic lines and depending on the performance of external storage, not all frames may be recorded to external storage.
*3: LE-8500XR-SE only. For PC connection. The "Wi-Fi module" used for the product conforms to SRRC(China), FCC (USA), CE (EU), TELEC (Japan), KCC (Korea), ISED (Canada), NCC (Republic of China), however, as the "product" the Wi-Fi function is available only in Japan, USA, Canada, and EU nations in compliance with RE directive (2014/53/EU).
*4: According to our test conditions assuming a normal usage situation