TTL monitor prove pod
(for LE-200PR/LE-150PR)



A connection probe for monitoring TTL-level communication lines. The input level supports serial communication of IC signal level at 1.8V, 3.3V, and 5V when monitoring. Furthermore, it is possible to eject voltage for external pull-up. It is the most suitable to evaluate serial communications etc. between LSI on the print board by directly connecting with the test clip.

Applicable analyzers: LE-200PR / LE-150PR / LE-200PS / LE-150PS / LE-150P / LE-150L

Signal level can be switched by the DIP switch

You can easily switch the signal level according to the measurement target.

No. Function OFF ON
1 Polarity High level is defined as idle (no signal) state Low level is defined as idle (no signal) state
2 Signal level - 5V level
3 - 3.3V level
4 - 1.8V level
Supports clock signals for synchronous communication

You can input the clock for TTL level synchronous communication to the analyzers that support synchronous communication such as LE-200PR.

Lead color Signal name Definition/Meaning
Black GND Signal ground
Brown SD Monitor input of sending data
Red RD Monitor input of received data
Orange RTS Monitor input of control line RTS (RS)
Yellow CTS Input of control line CTS (CS)
Green TXC Monitor input for transmit data synchronization clock*1
Blue DTR Input of control line DTR (ER)
Purple DCD Input of control line DCD (CD)
Gray RXC Monitor input of receive data synchronization clock*1
Black GND Signal ground
White PW Pull-up voltage output for testing*2
*1: Only for the LE-200P series that supports synchronous communication (SYNC/BSC, HDLC/SDLC/X.25).
*2: The voltage level selected by dip switch No. 2 to 4 is output with an impedance of 1.5KΩ. By connecting this PW to each input probe, it can also be used for loop testing of each signal line.

An easy-to-use IC clip (mini grabber) is attached

We adapt a high-class mini grabber that can be firmly connected.

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