Firmware for High-speed HDLC/SPI
(For LE-3500R)


Specifications of OP-FW10R
Applicable Analyzer LE-3500R
Interface RS-422/RS-485, TTL, SPI
Protocol HDLC, SDLC, X.25, CC-Link (NRZ/NRZI format, AR clock), SPI
Communication speed Half duplex 115.2kbps - 10Mbps
Full duplex 115.2kbps - 5Mbps
Setting step Arbitrary: four significant digits
Error check function FCS error (CRC-ITU-T), Abort, Short frame
Online monitor function Time stamp 6 digits 0 - 524287
1ms, 100 μ s, 10 μ s, 1 μ s units
ID filter (HDLC) 2 character can be set (Don’t care and bit mask is available)
Simulation function Send data table 16k data (can be divided into 16 parts and registered)
MANUAL mdoe It transmits the registered data which corresponds with the key.
Repeat transmission and repeat interval are available.
Trigger function Max 8 characters (Don’t care and bit mask are available.). It automatically stops monitoring when it detects two pairs of single or sequential, an error, or low level of the external signal trigger input.
Data search function Search of trigger data, error data, and character line are available.
Accessories Firmware CD-ROM, Manual