Firmware for High-speed HDLC/SPI
(For LE-8200A/8200)


Specifications of OP-FW12G
Applicable Analyzer LE-8200A/LE-8200
Interface S-422/485 (RS-530)*1, TTL*2, SPI*2
Protocol HDLC, SDLC, X.25, CC-Link(NRZ/NRZI format, AR clock*3), SPI
Speed HDLC, CC-Link 115.2kbps - Full-duplex 6Mbps / Half-duplex 12Mbps*4
SPI 115.2kbps-20Mbps*4*5 Max12Mbps for simulation
Setting steps User-set: 4 effective digits
Error Check FCS Error(CRC-ITU-T), Abort, short frame
On-line Monitor Time stamps 9 digits , 0 to 134217727
selectable in 1mS, 100μS, 10μS or 1μS
ID Filter (HDLC) able to set 2 characters (don't care, bit masks available)
Simulation Transmission
data table
16K data (can be divided to 16 tables)
MANUAL mode Data table corresponding to the numerical keys can be sent
Able to set continuous transmission and interval.
Trigger Set up to 8 characters (don't care and bit masks available).
When 2 individual or sequential characters, errors or the external trigger input(low level) are found, the analyzer automatically stops monitoring.
Data Search search any trigger data, error data and character lines
Auto Run/Stop Measurement starts and stops in appointed time
Composition Firmware CD, Instruction Manual
*1 when using the standard board
*2 necessary to have OP-SB85/OP-SB85L.
*3 The synchronous clock extracted from the edge of the transmission and reception data.
*4 necessary to have OP-SB85L for high-speed simulation of TTL/SPI.
*5 when transmission data continues more than 16byte, max speed may be at max. 6Mbps.