Expansion kit for CAN/High-speed Analog
(For LE-8600X/LE-8500X series)


SB-C2AN specifications
Applicable analyzers LE-8600X series, LE-8500X series
CAN FD/CAN measurement port ISO11898-1:2015 and ISO11898 compliant (Dsub 9 pin male connector, inch screw #4-40)
Measurement channels 2 channels can be measured simultaneously
Transceiver MCP2542FD (Microchip) equivalent
High-speed analog
measurement port
Number of channels: 2, built-in 12bit resolution/100Msps high-speed ADC (BNC connector x 2)
Input impedance
withstand voltage
1MΩ, 50Ω can be selected, withstand voltage: max.±30Vpk (at 1MΩ), max.±6Vpk (at 50Ω)
Input range ±24V, ±12V, ±5V, ±2.5V
External trigger/
Extended analog
measurement port
External trigger input/output, expansion analog pod connection port (MIL10 pin connector)
Analog pod OP-8AH
(standard equipment)
8 channels, built-in 24-bit resolution ADC, screwless terminal block
Input impedance
withstand voltage
1MΩ, withstand voltage: max.±65Vpk, GND common between channels, non-isolated
Input range ±60V, ±30V, ±16V, ±8V, ±4V
Measurement accuracy*1 ±60V range, ±30V range, ±16V range : ±(0.1% rdg + 3mV)
±8V range, ±4V range : ±(0.1% rdg + 2mV)
Analog pod OP-8AT (optional) Number of channels: 8, 24-bit resolution, built-in high-precision ADC, screwless terminal block
Input impedance
voltage resistance
1MΩ, withstand voltage: max±50Vpk, channel-to-channel isolation 350V (AC peak/DC)
Signal isolation voltage Between analog input and analyzer 1500V (AC peak/DC)
350V (AC peak/DC) between each channel of analog input
Input range*2 ±30V, ±10V, ±1V, ±100mV, 0-20mA, temperature K, J, T, E, N, R, S, B type thermocouple compatible
Measurement accuracy※3 ±30V range ±(0.05% rdg + 3mV), ±10V range ±(0.05% rdg + 2mV), ±1V range ±(0.05% rdg + 0.2mV), ±100mV range ±(0.05% rdg + 50µV), 0-20mA current range ±0.05% FS,
Temperature range: See below table
Monitor function Displays and records ID, type, content, error, and CRC of CAN/CAN FD communication frame. CAN/CAN FD sampling point (60% to 90%) can be set.
Extended protocol CAN-FD(ISO/Non-ISO), CAN2.0B, DeviceNet※4
Communication speed CAN: 20kbps to 1Mbps
CAN FD: 20kbps ~ 1Mbps BRS ON data field 1Mbps ~ 5Mbps
(Arbitrary speed setting is available)
Capture memory Uses the analyzer's capture memory※5, auto-save to external storage is available
ID filter Only the specified standard/extended ID (bitmask can be specified) frame can be recorded for each channel
Error checking function CAN /CAN FD: ACK error, form error, CRC error, error frame
Timestamp Records frame reception time (time resolution 1 µs) Can switch display between real time (year, month, day, hour, minute, second, µsecond), elapsed time from start of measurement, and difference time from previous frame. GNSS/GPS signal or Time synchronization via external PPS signal is possible
Trigger function OR operation and sequence operation are possible by specifying up to 8 sets of conditions and operations
Trigger condition Error (non-ACK, ERROR frame, CRC), specified data frame (channel, ID, data, data offset, data bit mask), specified remote frame (channel, ID), timer match, counter match, external trigger input
Trigger action Stop measurement, save measured data to SD card/USB storage, timer control, counter control, send specified data, buzzer, enable/disable trigger conditions, external trigger output
Simulation function Transmission test of pre-registered test frames (CAN/CAN FD: 272 types) is possible.
Caan automatically increase/decrease (sweep) the specified position data in the data field※6.
Multiple frames selected by key operation can be sent at each specified period (the number of transmissions can also be specified).
Search function Search for error, frame with specified ID and data (up to 8 characters, don't care and bit mask can be specified, offset from the beginning of frame to judgment data can be specified), real time timestamp in specified range, trigger match data can be searched and counted, mark jump to frame pointer possible
Analog measurement
(Analog logger) function
Records the analog value of the specified analog measurement port at specified intervals and displays graph/numeric values
Recording mode It is possible to select between analog independent measurement and parallel measurement with CAN/CAN FD monitor function, and the related display of communication data and analog values based on time stamps is possible.
Recording cycle When selecting high-speed analog measurement port: 10µ seconds to 10m seconds, when selecting analog pod OP-8AH: 62.5µ seconds to 4 m seconds, when selecting analog pod OP-8AT: 10m seconds to 1 minute ※7
Analog waveform monitor
(oscilloscope) function
Measure the voltage of the CH1 differential signal line of BNC connector x2 or CAN/CANFD at the sampling clock cycle and display the waveform
Sampling clock 20KHz to 100MHz (12 steps)
Sampling memory Maximum 32,768 sampling
Trigger mode Measurement can be stopped according to the position setting after trigger conditions are met, and waveform display can be selected repeatedly after trigger conditions are met
Trigger condition Voltage level (rising/falling) of specified input channel, match of specified trigger condition of online monitor function
Trigger position Before (emphasizes before the trigger), Center (center), After (emphasizes after the trigger)
Other features Enlarged/reduced display, voltage/time measurement function between cursors
Digital waveform monitor
(Logic analyzer) function
Measures logical changes in CAN/CAN FD communication signal lines at sampling clock cycles and displays waveforms
Sampling clock 1KHz~100MHz (16 steps)
Sampling memory Maximum 4,096 sampling
Trigger mode You can choose to wait for the trigger condition immediately after measurement, or wait for the trigger condition after the sampling memory is fully recorded
Trigger condition Logical state match of CAN/CAN FD communication signal line, match specified trigger condition of online monitor function
Trigger position Before (emphasizes before the trigger), Center (center), After (emphasizes after the trigger)
Trigger pass count You can specify the number of times (0 to 9999) to pass (ignore) trigger condition matching
Other features Enlarged/reduced display (10 steps), time measurement function between cursors, signal line swapping function, signal status search function
GPS function Equipped with SMA (female) connector for active GPS antenna connection
Timestamps can be synchronized to UTC time with high precision
Can record and display latitude, longitude, height above sea level, etc. in parallel with CAN/CAN FD communication data and analog measurement values. QZSS SLAS (submeter class positioning augmentation service) compatible
Other features Auto save function, automatic backup function, automatic time specified RUN/STOP function, file management function, text conversion function (txt format, csv format), printout function
Temperature range Operation: 0~40℃ Save: -20~50℃
Humidity range 20 to 85%RH (no condensation)
Components Interface sub board 1 piece, DSUB9 pin branch cable 1 piece, passive probe 2 pieces, high-speed high voltage analog measurement pod (OP-8AH) 1 piece, pod connection cable 1 piece, quick start guide, warranty card
*1: rdg represents the accuracy of the reading.
*2: For the 0-20mA range, an external current detection resistor (250Ω or 50Ω, accuracy±0.1% or less) is required on the input terminal block. is.
*3: rdg represents the accuracy for the reading value, and FS represents the accuracy for the full scale of the range. Current accuracy does not include external resistance errors.
*4: Only raw data can be displayed.
*5: The main body capture memory is consumed as a recording area for CAN/CAN FD communication data, analog measurement values, and GPS data.
*6: Endianness, initial value and 3 levels of target values, and time to reach the target can be specified.
*7: The 10ms cycle of analog pod OP-8AT is only possible when the number of measurement channels is 1.

<Standard Accessories>

OP-8AT (optional) temperature measurement specifications
Compatible thermocouple K, J, T, E, N, R, S, B type
Measurement temperature range K type: -200℃ ~ 1370℃
J type: -210℃ ~ 1200℃
T type: -200℃ ~ 400℃
E type: -200℃ ~ 1000℃
N type: -200℃ ~ 1300℃
R type: 0℃ ~ 1760℃
S type: 0℃ ~ 1760℃
B type: 400℃ ~ 1800℃
Cold junction compensation Internal compensation, external compensation switchable
Disconnection detection function On/off switchable (applied current: approx. 180nA)
Measurement accuracy*1 K type -50℃ ~ 1370℃ : ±(0.05% rdg + 1.0℃)
-200℃ ~ -50℃ : ±(0.05% rdg + 2.0℃)
J type -50℃ ~ 1200℃ : ±(0.05% rdg + 0.8℃)
-210℃ ~ -50℃ : ±(0.05% rdg + 1.6℃)
T type -50℃ ~ 400℃ : ±(0.05% rdg + 1.0℃)
-200℃ ~ -50℃ : ±(0.05% rdg + 2.0℃)
E type -50℃ ~ 1000℃ : ±(0.05% rdg + 0.6℃)
-200℃ ~ -50℃ : ±(0.05% rdg + 1.2℃)
N type -50℃ ~ 1300℃ : ±(0.05% rdg + 1.5℃)
-200℃ ~ -50℃ : ±(0.05% rdg + 3.0℃)
R type
S type
400℃ ~ 1760℃ : ±(0.05% rdg + 3.5℃)
0℃~400℃: ±(0.05% rdg + 6.0℃)
B type 800℃ ~ 1800℃ : ±(0.05% rdg + 4.0℃)
400℃ ~ 800℃ : ±(0.05% rdg + 7.5℃)
Cold junction compensation accuracy*2 ±1.0℃
*1:  Accuracy at ambient temperature of 18 to 28°C and after 20 minutes after power on, does not include thermocouple error.
If the above ambient temperature range is exceeded, add 1/20 of each error value for every 1°C.
*2:  In environments where a part of the measurement pod is locally heated or cooled, cold junction compensation accuracy cannot be guaranteed.