LAN ⇔ RS-232C(2ports)
Interface Converter


●Convert 2 ports of RS-232C serial devices to LAN.
●Support serial data max. at 921.6Kbps.
●Connects 10Base-T/100Base-TX by auto-detection.
●Supports multi protocols such as TCP/IP, UDP/IP, ARP, etc.
●Equip with an initial switch for initializing the configuration.
●Equip with a COM-port emulation software.
●Able to use the general RS-232C cable widely used for PC.
●Solid, card-case sized, and metal enclosure.
●Optional DIN rail mounting plate and L bracket are available as mounting method.
●Low power consumption. RoHS compatible product.
●Can use in the workplace environments between -10 to 50 degree Celsius.
●2 kinds of power input (DC jack and header connector)
●Equip with a sample software for installing several units.

SI-60X: Japanese model (100V Input AC adapter)
SI-60X-E: World wide model (Wide Input AC adapter )

Item Name Remark
SI-60 series manual SI_6060F60X_e
SILANIOinit SILANIOinit It is configuration tool for LINEEYE products embedded XPort® / WiPort® / WiPort®-NR.