CAN/LIN Line monitor


●Supports CAN and LIN
●4.3 inch color touch screen
●Real-time display of communication data
●Supports USB flash as strage device
●Handheld, 5 hours work by AA size Ni-MH batter

LE-170SA is a compact hand-held size line monitor for CAN/LIN. It has a touch screen and can be control as for smartfones. It has 1 CAN channel and 1 LIN channel and it can monitor both CAN and LIN communication thus monitoring of the network which has both CAN and LIN is available. The monitor function can diplay the communication data in real-time while saving it. The simulation function can send/receive the test data instead of the original communication partner. The ID filtering and trigger function make your development/evaluation more efficient. It also can measure 4 external signals as degital signals or analog signals while monitoring the communication data. It is light (300g) and convenient for field testing. The line monitor is useful for not only development but also maintenance.

Item Name Remarks
USB charger LE-P2USB Used to provide bus-power to the line monitor or to charge Ni-MH batteries.
DSUB9 pin branch cable LE-009M2 For CAN. * Same as the attached one
10 pin external I/O cable LE-10ES1 10-pin cable for LIN measurement / external signal port. * Same as the attached one
5-wire TTL prove LE-5LS The cable with IC clip can be connected with the TTL and external signal I/O port.
OBD2-DSUB9 cable OBD2-DB9-09B The cable to be connected with OBD2 connector of a car to monitor the CAN communication
Carrrying bag LEB-02 230x180x65mm * Same as the attached one