Multi Protocol Analyzer


●Supports UART, I2C, and SPI without option
●Multi-protocol supported
●Mega speed measurement
●Long time recording by AUTO SAVE function
●Logic analyzer analysis and signal voltage measurement
●Supports PC connection and remote control by Wi-Fi

LE-3500R: Japanese model (with Japanese manual)
LE-3500R-E: Abroad model (with English manual)

Item Name Remarks
Expansion kit for CAN/LIN OP-SB7GX
Expansion kit for current loop comm. OP-SB1C
Expansion kit for TTL/I2C/SPI OP-SB5GL For TTL(USART)
Expansion kit for RS-530 OP-SB10N For RS-530/V.24
Firmware for high-speed communication OP-FW10R For high-speed CC-Link/HDLC/SPI, max.10Mbps
32GB SD card SD-32GX
DSUB25pin monitor cable LE-25M1 Note: same as the attached one
DSUB9pin monitor cable LE-259M1 For RS-232C of DSUB9 pin
DSUB9pin branch cable LE-009M2 Same as the attached one
TTL prove cable LE-5LS Same as the attached one
10-pin external I/O cable LE-10ES1 10-pin cable for TTL measurement port
X.21 monitor cable LE-25Y15 For DSUB15 pin X.20/21. Y-type branch
RS-449 monitor cable LE-25Y37 For DSUB37 pin RS-449. Y-type branch
V.35 monitor cable LE-25M34 For M-type 34pin V.35
DB9 monitor cable LE-25S530 For RS-530 of DSUB25 pin
DSUB9pin AUX cable LE2-8V DSUB9pin female - mini DIN8pin,2.5m
Note: same as the attached one
AUX cable for DPU-414 LE2-8P DSUB9pin male - miniDIN8pin,1.5m
Printer set DPU-414-PA
PC link software LE-PC300R Note: This software does not support OP-SB7GX.
PC link software LE-PC7GX For OP-SB7GX
USB cable LE-US18 1.8m with A-B connector
Carrying bag LEB-01 Note: same as the attached one
Battery pack P-19S For replacement. Same as the attached one
3.81mm pitch terminal block (5 terminals) LA-5ETB45 For replacement. Same as the attached one