USB protocol analyzer


●Records measurement log up to 10GB on HDD/SSD of PC
●Log search and detailed translation display are available without stopping measurement
●Real-time display of the bus power consumption of the target device
●Statistical information such as the number of bytes transferred and the average transfer rate
●Trigger and filter functions for efficient measurement
●Radiation noise reduction and palm size body by aluminum housing

Product lines: Advance model, LE-650H2-A

LE-650H2 is the hardware-based USB analyzer, which can record a large amount of data on the HDD/SSD of the PC, display translation with each class decode, and measure VBUS power consumption. The analyzer automatically detects the High/Full/Low speed of USB2.0/1.1 and starts measuring by simply pressing the space bar of the PC. The low cost device of easy operation by connecting it to the USB port of the PC is useful for developing/debugging the firmware/driver and study purpose of USB standard.

Item Name Remarks
5-wire probe cable LE-5LP2 A cable with test clips suitable to the external trigger of 4 inputs or 4 output connector.
Length: 0.5m
Test clip with harness LE-62BG A cable with test clip suitable to the external trigger I/O connector. In a set of 2.
Length: 0.5m
Finished product
DIN Rail Mounting Plate LE-DIN13 To mount the analyzer on the 35mm DIN rail
H2 update licence LE-H2-UP01 Update licence to update to the latest software without limitation after 1 year passed from the purchase. Detail
H2-A upgrade LE-H2-A001 Upgrade option from LE-650H2 to LE-650H2-A. Detail
Carrying bag LEB-02 230x180x65mm