LAN⇔RS-422/RS-485 Converter (Insulated, wall-hanging model)


Supports 10Base-T/100 Base-TX, Built-in Xport®
  • Insulation (withstand voltage AC 2000V)
  • Built-in wide AC input
  • Newly-designed body for wall-hanging

SI-65FA-L is an interface converter to connect equipments such as equipment for factory automation or analyzers which have RS-422/485 communication ports to LAN.

The built-in Lantronix Xport® on the LAN interface converts RS-422/RS-485 data into LAN protocol (TCP/IP and transfers the LAN data by controlling RS-485 driver automatically.  It offers high reliability by insulating between LAN and RS-422/485 interfaces by the photo-coupler. It works without AC adapter by built-in wide AC input. It has the robust metal body and can be used under the environment of –20 degrees Celsius. Therefore, you can use it for factory automation without worry. SI-65FA-L is the wall-hanging model and can be hung on the wall by screwing from the upper side.
Standard Model : SI-65FA
Wall-hanging model : SI-65FA-L


[ Accessories ]
Utility CD-ROM : 1
Instruction Manual : 1
Warranty : 1

Block Chart

Example of Connection

Fitting for Wall


Installation on the wall

SI-65FA-L can be hung on the wall by screwing from upper side.



A Useful Tool for Multiple Operation
<Configuration tool (SILANIOinit)>

“SILANIOinit" is a configuration tool for LINEEYE products embedded WiPort-NR. It is useful and saves time to rewrite the WiPort-NR configuration file (Setup Record) .



Conversion LAN <-> RS422/485
LAN Interface RJ-45 connector 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, Ethernet IEEE802.3
Serial Interface RS-422/485, 5 pole terminal block (Press-to-screw pitch type), Fitness wire AWG24-14
Insulation Insulation between RS-422/485 and LAN, withstands AC 2000V
Serial signal SD, RD or SD/RD
Synchronous Method Asynchronous
Baud Rate (bps) 300/600/1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400/57600/115200/230400/
Data Frame Structure Data (7 or 8) + Parity (Even, Odd, None) + Stop (1 or 2)
RS-485 state watch Able to monitor non-communication status on RS-485*2
RS-485 auto driver Able to make the RS-485 driver active only when sending*3
Multi-drop connection Max. 128 sets
Initial setting
Web server, Telnet login
Sample software Projects for Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
LED display LAN connection, RS-485 signal status
Power Supply*4 AC85-264V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 2.7W (When 240V)
Temperature Operating: -20 to 60 degree Celsius
Storage: -25 to 75 degree Celsius
Humidity 10 to 95% RH (no condensation)
External Dimension (mm) 114(W) x 100(D) x 22 (H)mm
Weight (g) Approx. 280g
Accessories Utility CD-ROM, Instruction manual, Warranty
*1: To use at 460.8Kbps or 921.6Kbps, set the XPort as high performance mode. Please refer to the User's manual.
*2: Half duplex of RS-485 requires to send data while there is not data from other devices. SI-65 detects a state of no data transmission of other devices for the timer period specified by the switch, and notifies CP3 of the XPort of the state.
*3: Half duplex of RS-485 need to make the RS-485 driver active only sending data. The RS-485 driver IC will be instantly activated at the head of data, and automatically deactivated with the lapse of the timer period specified by the switch once the end of the data is reached.
*4: 7.62mm pitch, 3 pole terminal block, M3 screw