Multi Protocol Analyzer


●Supports RS-232C, RS-530, RS-422 / RS-485, and TTL just by one unit.
●Supports legacy interfaces such as V.35, X.20 / 21, RS-449.
●Program simulation function that enables flexible communication tests
●Bit error rate test function for transmission quality analysis
●Reproduces and outputs a timing waveform data acquired by the logic analyzer function
●Time stamp that allows time synchronization by GNSS (PPS) signal
●Automatically records communication logs to large-capacity external storage via USB3.0
●1kg, handheld design. Measurement can be performed by itself without a PC
●Saves measurement reports in snapshot or text format
●PC link by LAN, USB, or Wi-Fi (XR only) connection

LE-8500X-RT    No Wi-Fi connection
LE-8500XR-RT  With Wi-Fi connection

The LE-8500X-RT/LE-8500XR-RT is a multi-protocol analyzer that can measure and test RS-232C, RS-530, RS-422/RS-485 and TTL level serial communication as a single unit. It can be widely used for the development and maintenance of serial interfaces of PC peripherals and FA devices, UART, SPI, I2C, etc. of embedded boards by using the monitor function, communication simulation function, bit error rate function, etc. according to the test situation. The model is equipped with a 7-inch wide-color LCD with a touch panel, thus you can check the measurement data immediately on-site without using a personal computer. You can log the data to a USB flash memory etc. via USB 3.0, thus you can analyze the data in detail after the measurement.
In addition, as the time stamps that are time-corrected with high accuracy by GNSS signals can be added to the monitor data by using an optional GPS antenna, by checking the time stamps you can compare and analyze the data measured simultaneously at two points for a long period of time to investigate a communication failure.
Furthermore, by replacing the standard measurement board with a LAN measurement board (sold separately), it can also be used for Ethernet networks. With just one unit, it can be used for many years from PC peripherals and embedded devices to communication fields where reliability is important, such as railways, aviation, and various production lines.

Item Name Remark
■Catalog / Manual
LE-8500X-RT/LE-8500XR-RT catalog LE-8500X-RT_catalog_e  
LE-8500X-RT/LE-8500XR-RT manual LE-8500X-RT_E6.pdf  
LE-8500X-RT/LE-8500XR-RT quick start guide LE-8500X-RT_Quick_E4.pdf  
■Update firmware / Software for update
Update Firmware LE8586_FW3_V10910 Transfer the downloaded FW file following the instruction in the manual.
System Recovery File LE8586_FWR_V10910 * Please use only to restore the main unit that does not operate normally.
■Utility software / Library
Key Emulation Software LE-PCKEYEMU Key operations can be emulated and you can check the screen of the main unit of the analyzer on your PC. Remote operation is available as if you are operating the actual machine.
LE file downloader lefiledownload_exe By using the LE file downloader and the auto save function of the analyzer, you can download the measurement log file (#XXXXXXX.DT) automatically saved in the storage device (USB memory, etc.) to your PC via LAN or Wi-Fi connection.
Library to control LE series from a PC
(Real-time version)
(For Windows)
LEPCLIB_RT It is a library to make a customer application software to control the analyzer from a PC (Real-time version). AUX (serial) port, USB port, Ethernet, Wi-Fi connection are supported.
for VC++6.0, VC++.NET
Library to control LE series from a PC
(For Linux)
libLEPC It is a library to make a customer application software to control the analyzer from a PC (Real-time version). AUX (serial) port, USB port, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi connection are supported.
Some sample softwares are included.
Library to control LE series, Python wrapper (for Linux) lepcpy A wrapper library for calling libLEPC functions from Python. It can be used when operating the Protocol Analyzer LE series with Python. It also includes multiple running samples.