Multi Protocol Analyzer


●Supports RS-232C, RS-530, RS-422 / RS-485, and TTL just by one unit.
●Supports legacy interfaces such as V.35, X.20 / 21, RS-449.
●Program simulation function that enables flexible communication tests
●Bit error rate test function for transmission quality analysis
●Reproduces and outputs a timing waveform data acquired by the logic analyzer function
●Time stamp that allows time synchronization by GNSS (PPS) signal
●Automatically records communication logs to large-capacity external storage via USB3.0
●1kg, handheld design. Measurement can be performed by itself without a PC
●Saves measurement reports in snapshot or text format
●PC link by LAN, USB, or Wi-Fi (XR only) connection

LE-8500X-RT    No Wi-Fi connection
LE-8500XR-RT  With Wi-Fi connection

The LE-8500X-RT/LE-8500XR-RT is a multi-protocol analyzer that can measure and test RS-232C, RS-530, RS-422/RS-485 and TTL level serial communication as a single unit. It can be widely used for the development and maintenance of serial interfaces of PC peripherals and FA devices, UART, SPI, I2C, etc. of embedded boards by using the monitor function, communication simulation function, bit error rate function, etc. according to the test situation. The model is equipped with a 7-inch wide-color LCD with a touch panel, thus you can check the measurement data immediately on-site without using a personal computer. You can log the data to a USB flash memory etc. via USB 3.0, thus you can analyze the data in detail after the measurement.
In addition, as the time stamps that are time-corrected with high accuracy by GNSS signals can be added to the monitor data by using an optional GPS antenna, by checking the time stamps you can compare and analyze the data measured simultaneously at two points for a long period of time to investigate a communication failure.
Furthermore, by replacing the standard measurement board with a LAN measurement board (sold separately), it can also be used for Ethernet networks. With just one unit, it can be used for many years from PC peripherals and embedded devices to communication fields where reliability is important, such as railways, aviation, and various production lines.

Item Name Remarks
Expansion kit for Gbit Ethernet LAN SB-GE2 Same as the standard measurement board of LE-8500X/LE-8500XR
GPS active antenna EB-SL-AA170 AA.170.301111 from Taoglas
X.21 monitor cable LE-25Y15 For DSUB15 pin X.20/21. Y-type branch
RS-449 monitor cable LE-25Y37 For DSUB37 pin RS-449. Y-type branch
V.35 monitor cable LE-25M34 For M-type 34pin V.35. Y-type branch
RS-530 cable LE-25S530 For RS-530 of DSUB25pin
Lithium ion battery pac P-26LW2 For a spare or replacement
PPS signal I/O cable LE-PPS-2 Connected between TTL/external trigger connector of LE-8500X-RT/LE-8500XR-RT,
this cable is used to input/output PPS signal and trigger IN/OUT2 signal.
Coaxial cable for PPS synchronization LE-SMA-LS-2 Used when inputting GPS PPS signals from LE-8500X/XR or LE-8600X/XR
to TRGIN of LE-8500X-RT/LE-8500XR-RT.
PC link software LE-PC800X The software can record the analyzer measurement data continuously to a PC and utilize it efficiently.
Lithium ion battery pac P-26LW2 For a spare or replacement
3.81mm pitch terminal block (5 terminals) LA-5ETB45 For replacement. Same as the one attached to the RS-422/RS-485 measurement port.
Small mobile printer SM4-31W The Lightweight, robust, waterproof and dustproof (equivalent to IP54) battery-powered printer. You can print communication data, statistical analysis information, measurement conditions, etc. measured with a compatible LineEye communication analyzer on site without using a PC.