PC-connectable Communicarions Protocol Analyzer - LE-150P
This model is discontinued. The successor is LE-150PR/LE-200PR.
This entry model is the PC-connectable Communication Protocol Analyzer. It has the Simulation function and the On-line Monitor function to analysis ASYNC communication up to 250Kbps. It has substantial functions (e.g. Continuous HDD Recording), working in cooperation with the PC, and offering at a low price for every engineers.
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The LE-150P is an entry model connected to the PC over USB 2.0 specially for asynchronous communication at full speed.
The model incorporates full-fledged analysis features including arbitrary speed settings and point-to-point protocol (PPP)
communication, yet offering a low price.

Flexibly Supporting Boud Rates up to 250kbps

Analysis is possible at baud rates from low speed to high speed.*1
For example, a margin test of communication speed is possible at a baud rate of 9,648 bps.
*1: LINEEYE's patented arbitrary baud rate technology is applied with a maximum setting error of 0.01%.
[ Setting Screen for Data Monitoring ]
Setting Screen for Data Monitoring

RS-232C/422/485 Support (Standard feature)

LE-150 Series analyzers come standard with measurement interfaces for the high-use RS-232C and high-speed RS-422/485 standards. With the OP-5M (option) used, it is possible to support TTL-level communication at 2.5, 3.3, and 5 V.
[ Image with LE-5TB Used ]
Image with LE-5TB Used
[Image with OP-5M Used ]
Image with OP-5M Used
[ Signal Difinitions for Measurement Interface (Dsub 25 Pins) ]
Pin Signal Pin Signal
1 FG 9 +5VDC *1
2 RS-232C    SD 10 RS-422    RXDB(+)*2
3 RS-232C    RD 11 RS-422    RXDA(-)*2
4 RS-232C    RS 18 RS-422/485   TXDB(+) / TR(+)*2
5 RS-232C    CS 19 RS-422/485   TXDA(-) / TR(-)*2
6 RS-232C    DR 20 RS-232C    ER
7 GND *2 22 RS-232C    CI
8 RS-232C    CD    

Continuously Records Communication Logs up to 8 Gbytes

LE-150 Series analyzers continuously record measured data on the hard disk of the PC while displaying the data in real time. The continuous recording of measured data in a specified size is possible, thus it is useful for identifying rare communication failures of unknown cause.
[ Rough Estimation of Required Time for Hard Disk Recording*1 ]

Target line speed

When 1 GB is specified
(e.g. 1 MB × 1,000 files)

When 8 GB is specified
(e.g. 8 MB × 1,000 files)

9600 bps

Approx. 60 hrs

Approx. 480 hrs

19200 bps

Approx. 30 hrs

Approx. 240 hrs

230.4 Kbps

Approx. 2.5 hrs

Approx. 20 hrs

*1: In the case of full-duplex communications line for transmission at 1 ms interval per 1 Kbytes.

Exactly Catching Target Communication Data

LE-150 Series analyzers have a trigger function, with which up to 4 condition settings can be specified in combination with corresponding actions, and precisely captures target data during measurement. The analyzers incorporate a search function as well, thus quickly retrieving and displaying specified data from large quantities of measured and recorded data items and saving the required time of analysis.
[ Example of Trigger Condition Settings ]
Example of Trigger Condition Settings
[ Example pf trigger action settings ]
Example pf trigger action settings

Simultaneous Recording of Time Data and Control Line Data

LE-150 Series analyzers can measure data on communications data. The analyzers internally process such data operating system.

Equipped with Simple Simulation Function

LE-150 Series analyzers incorporate an easy-to-use simulation function that makes it possible to transmit preset transmission data (16 types of data with a total of 16 Kbytes) or fixed data, such as FOX messages, at the flip of a switch while checking reception data.
[ Setting Screen for Transmission Data Registration ]
Setting Screen for Transmission Data Registration

Data Registration Function
Switching between hexadecimal
input and numeric input
Parity error settings for specified data
Multi-processor bit ON/OFF
BCC (FCS) calculation and addition
Multi-data filling (bulk input)
[ Setting Screen for Transmission Data Registration ]
Setting Screen for Transmission Data Registration
Data transmission is possible
with the mouse operated
while checking the data.

Compact, Lightweight, and Low Power Consumption Design

LE-150 Series analyzers employ an aluminum casing and a highdensity six-layer PCB for a size reduction to a pocketbook size. The LE-150P consumes minimal power, thus operating at USB bus power.

Converts Measured Data into Standard Formats

Communication log files can be converted into text or CSV format all at once for use on word processor or spreadsheet. In consideration of analysis on general-purpose search software, it is possible to delete decorative guides or time data, and to specify conversion of sender or receiver data only.
[ Text-converted Format Example 1 ]
*=[LETCVT]======[2005-06-01 17:26:09]=*
* MONITOR DATA                        *
*  PROTOCOL: ASYNC                    *
*  S-SPEED : 38400   R-SPEED : 38400  *
*  CODE    : ASCII   CHAR BIT: 8      *
*  PARITY  : NONE    STOP BIT: 1      *
*  BCC     : CRC-16                   *
*                 PRINT CODE : ASCII  *

SD:[ IDLE ][ IDLE ][ IDLE ][ TMSP ]024C494E45455945204C452D
   [ 0140 ][ 0005 ][ 0002 ][073055]SX L I N E E Y E   L E -
RD:                                 - - - - - - - - - - - -

SD:313530031F8D[ IDLE ][ IDLE ][ IDLE ][ TMSP ] - - - - - -
    1 5 0EX{}{}[ 0005 ][ 0003 ][ 0007 ][073072]
RD: - - - - - -                                025448452051
                                               SX T H E   Q

Automatically Switches between Japanese and English

The system language alternates automatically between English and Japanese according to that of OS. This facilitates introduction of the software to development bases outside Japan.
[ Setting Screen for Communication Conditions (Japanese) ]
Setting Screen for Communication Conditions (Japanese)
[ Setting Screen for Communication Conditions (English) ]
Setting Screen for Communication Conditions (English)

Expandable FPGA Firmware

Users can download the up-to-date version of the analysis software and firmware for the analyzer and keep the analyzer installed with the latest applications.