Multi Protocol Analyzer


●Battery Powered Handheld Troubleshooter for Field Testing
●5.7-inch TFT color display
●Supports TTL, I2C, SPI, IrDA,
●CAN, LIN, FlexRay, LAN and USB
●Mega Speed Mesurement
●Supports Logic Analyzer Analysis and Analog Waveform Analysis

The LE-8200 is the top-level model of battery-powered communications protocol analyzer. The LE-8200 has an enlarged display in response to an increasing demand without degrading the excellent portability of the LE Series. It is ideal for development tests of communications systems and industrial equipment, as well as for after-sale services and communication trouble analysis. LE-series have been used in the industries of railways, aviation, and a variety of manufactures for few decades where reliability is very important. With optional kits, it can be used for developing network, in-vehicle, PC peripheral, embedded devices. Unlike the software-based analyzers, it cannot be affected by the capability of PC and can be used in the place where PC is not allowed.

Item Name Remarks
Expansion kit for TTL/I2C/SPI OP-SB85L For 1.8/2.5/3.3/5V level TTL, I2C, and SPI
Expansion kit for current loop comm. OP-SB85C For current loop communication
Expansion kit for CAN/LIN OP-SB87 For CAN/LIN communciation
Expansion kit for CAN FD/CAN/CXPI OP-SB87FD For CAN FD/CAN/CXPI communciation
Expansion kit for Ethernet LAN OP-SB89 For Ethernet LAN communciation
Expansion kit for Gbit Ethernt LAN OP-SB89G For Gbit Ethernet LAN communciation
Expansion kit for Ethernet LAN(2ch) OP-SB89E For Ethernet LAN(2ch) communciation
Expansion kit for USB OP-SB84 For USB communciation
Firmware for high-speed HDLC/SPI OP-FW12G For high-speed HDLC/SPI communciation
Firmware for high-speed communciation OP-FW12GA Supports high-speed communication of UART and PROFIBUS.
128GB CF card CF-128GX
64GB CF card CF-64GX
32GB CF card CF-32GX
16GB CF card CF-16GX
8GB CF card CF-8GX
2GB CF card CF-2GX
DSUB25pin monitor cable LE-25M1 Note: same as the attached one
DSUB9pin monitor cable LE-259M1 For RS-232C of DSUB9 pin
Terminal for RS-530 LE-530TB Terminal block adapter for RS-422/485
Terminal block for DSUB25pin LE-25TB Terminal block adapter (25terminals) for DSUB25pin connector
X.21 monitor cable LE-25Y15 For DSUB15 pin X.20/21. Y-type branch
RS-449 monitor cable LE-25Y37 For DSUB37 pin RS-449. Y-type branch
V.35 monitor cable LE-25M34 For M-type 34pin V.35
DB9 monitor cable LE-009M1 Branch cable of DSUB9 pin
3 wires prove cable LE-3LP Cable with clips applicable to the analog connectors of OP-SB85L
RS-530 cable LE-25S530 For RS-530 of DSUB25pin
I/O cable LE-4TG Note: same as the attached one
DSUB9pin AUX cable LE2-8V DSUB9pin female - mini DIN8pin,2.5m
Note: same as the attached one
DSUB25pin AUX cable LE2-8C DSUB25pin male - miniDIN8pin,1.5m
AUX cable for DPU-414 LE2-8P DSUB9pin male - miniDIN8pin,1.5m
Printer set DPU-414-PA
PC link software LE-PC800G Note: This software does not support OP-SB84, OP-SB87, OP-SB87FD, OP-SB88, OP-SB89, OP-SB89G, and OP-SB89E.
PC link software LE-PC87FD For OP-SB87FD
PC link software LE-PC87 For OP-SB87
USB cable LE-US18 1.8m with A-B connector
Carrying bag LEB-01 Note: same as the attached one
Battery pack P-20S For replacement. Same as the attached one