USB ⇔ RS-232C
Interface Converter


●3000 High-voltage Resistant Isolation type
●USB Bus power. No need to have an external power supply.
●Virtual COM port driver supporting Windows® 7 is attached.
●Able to use in the severe conditions of -10 to 50 degree Celsius.
●Small sized, metal enclosure, noise resistance.
●Able to mount on 35mm DIN rail.
●Lowe power consumption.
●Equip RS-232C convergent IC supports 1Mbps.

SI-55USB is an interface converter to connect factory automation equipment and analyzers, which only have the serial communication ports for RS-422/485, to LAN.
SI-55USB is an USB converter, which converts USB of PC into RS-232C serial port of signal-isolated type. Virtual COM port driver ease the usage of test software and shorten the time of installing the new system. Features of this product are max 1Mbps baud rate and 3000V high-voltage resistant isolation by photo coupler and isolated power unit.
Supporting wide range of temperature, metal enclosure, and noise resistant make it possible to use in the factories, inspection lab and so on.


< Image of using SI-55USB >

■Block Chart

  1. RS-232C connector (DSUB9pin male)
  2. USB connector
  3. Power LED
  4. Data status LED
■Pin Assignment
Terminal # Name I/O*1 Explanation
1 DCD In Data Carrier Detect
2 RXD In Received Data
3 TXD Out Transmitted Data
4 DTR Out Data Terminal Ready
5 GND - Signal Ground
6 DSR In Data Set Ready
7 RTS Out Request To Send
8 CTS In Clear To Send
9 RI In Ring Indicator
*1: “Out”: Output signal from converter. “In”: Input signal toward converter. “I/O”: Both ways.

Screw on the bottom using the M3 screw.

< Mounting on the DIN rail >